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Adorable cats Adorable cats v1.0

This application contains huge collection of wallpapers and photos with the most adorable cats out there. Everyday will be a Caturday with these charming cat pictures and wallpapers for your phone.

Autumn leaves Autumn leaves v2.0

If you like to add some romantic autumn feeling on your phone here are some photos of colorful autumn leaves and trees. These beautiful wallpapers will surely put you in the mood for fall.

Colibri birds Colibri birds v1.0

There are many amazing facts about the colibri birds but the most obvious one is that their beauty is stunning. This is a collection of beautiful images of colibri birds that you can use as unique wallpapers for your phone.

Colorful cities Colorful cities v1.0

This application contains large collection of beautiful photos of the most colorful cities in the world. You can add some vivid color in your life too, put these pictures of beautifully colored houses and vibrant cityscapes on your phone and enjoy the colorful life.

Funny Christmas animals Funny Christmas animals v1.0

It's that time of the year and Christmas has taken over everything… even animals. These party animals are so in the mood for Christmas. And they wish you a Merry (or Meowy) Christmas. There's nothing better than cute animals in Christmas dress to get you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy the holidays with this collection of cute pictures with funny animals in Christmas mood.

Gift wrapping ideas Gift wrapping ideas v1.0

This Christmas be creative when wrapping gifts. In this application you will find more that 100 creative ideas for gift wrapping. Surprise your love ones with a beautiful, uniquely wrapped gift.

Harry Potter Character Quiz Harry Potter Character Quiz v2.0

Harry Potter series is full of colorful characters. From Harry himself to magical creatures like Dobby or grown-ups like Professor McGonagall, the series is packed with memorable characters, but can YOU name all of them? We challenge you to guess these 50 memorable characters from the magical world of Harry Potter movies and to test your knowledge. We give you a picture, you name the character. Are you ready to test your wits and guess all the names?

Macro flowers Macro flowers v1.0

Macro images of flowers represent the natural beauty at its finest. This is a huge collection of macro and close-up photos of flowers with beautiful colors or with drops of water, stunning photos of lotuses, water lilies, orchid flowers, roses and many others. Your phone will burst with colors and stunning beauty with these flower wallpapers.

Moon wallpapers Moon wallpapers v1.0

The moon always inspired people with it's mysterious beauty. Here are some beautiful photos and pictures of the moon for your inspiration, you can use it as a gallery for your viewing pleasure or as wallpapers for your phone. Let the mysterious beauty of the moon shine on your phone.

Natural Wonders Wallpapers Natural Wonders Wallpapers v2.0

Meet the greatest wonders of nature that will take your breath away. Nature is the greatest artist of all and these magical landscapes out of this world are a proof that this words are true.

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