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Aster Droid Aster Droid v1.0

One of the most classic games of all time, re-imagined for android devices!

Flip World (8 Bit Style) Flip World (8 Bit Style) v1.6

A simple physics app, Rotate the device any direction to change the force of gravity and collect all the coin boxes. Designed with an classic 8bit style just for kicks.

Magic Marble In Space Magic Marble In Space v1.2

As an Interdemensional, Space-Traveling Marble use the power of music to cross the cosmos (What else would an Interdemensional, Space-Traveling Marble use?)

Plinqo! Plinqo! v1.0

Plinqo! Play the classic Pachinko style board game, featuring 30+ levels to challenge you. No time limit, no enemies, just you and that high score. The way it should be!

Ring Toss Arcade Ring Toss Arcade v1.5

The classic game of Ring Toss, updated and ready for today's generation! Full liquid physics in your pocket. Can you keep the top score?

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