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Best Mirror Best Mirror v1.1

Turn your phone into the best mirror!
With Mirror, you can now check to look, your hair, get your contact lenses, glasses prove, or whatever you want with your phone!

Find the 5 Differences 2 Find the 5 Differences 2 v1.0.3

* * * Find the 5 differences 2!! * * *

Compare the pictures and find the differences. Exercise your attention abilities and train your brain!

Learn Spanish vocabulary LITE Learn Spanish vocabulary LITE v1.6.4

Learn Spanish vocabulary with word cards, pronunciation by native Spanish speakers and exercises to test what you have learned.

+ Clear audio recordings of native Spanish speakers.
+ Very easy to use!
+ Works offline! (data rates while in roaming are expensive. No internet connection needed).
+ You can practice anywhere you go
+ Compressed files to ensure fast download anywhere.

Recommended app for tourists and business people visiting Spain.

Los Animales para Niños FREE Los Animales para Niños FREE v2.3.1

Enseña a tu hijo a reconocer animales y los sonidos que hacen. Interfaz muy sencillo de usar.

Se reproducen los sonidos de los animales así como el nombre de estos.

Math Cheat Sheets FREE Math Cheat Sheets FREE v1.2.3

The best Collection of Math cheat sheets and quick reference cards

Many Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the formulas wherever and whenever you want.

Maths Ninja ! Maths Ninja ! v1.0.3

This is a game to improve your mental arithmetics and calculus (your children also can!) but having fun at the same time.

Méthode de Guitare Gratuit Méthode de Guitare Gratuit v1.2.4

Facilement apprendre à jouer avec ce cours de guitare complète.

Vous êtes dans le métro ou le bus sur le chemin de collège ou de travail? Vous avez 10 minutes de temps d'arrêt ou peut-être préférez-vous lire le cours assis tranquillement dans un fauteuil.

Music Theory Lessons FREE Music Theory Lessons FREE v1.2.2

Learn Music Theory on the go. You can study everywhere and anywhere with this electronic music theory for mobile.

PHP Programming Reference Free PHP Programming Reference Free v1.1.3

The best Collection of PHP Reference Cards

Several Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the exact syntax wherever you go.

Physics Cheat Sheets FREE Physics Cheat Sheets FREE v1.3.5

The best Collection of Physics cheat sheets and quick reference cards

Many Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the formulas wherever and whenever you want.

With this application you can use your travel time to study, or just have it as a quick reference when needed.

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