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Calisthenics Kingz Workout Calisthenics Kingz Workout v2.4

Street fitness (a.k.a calisthenics) workout at its best! Set your goal and go for it!

Daily Fortune Teller Daily Fortune Teller v1.3

Daily fortune teller is much more than a fortune cookie! It can predict your inner desires and tell you is it possible to do whatever you want to do!

Designer Handbags Designer Handbags v1.2

Want to have the latest Angry Birds version in your handbag and something else too? Do it with style!

Designer handbags handpicked especially for you!

Eclair Cook Eclair Cook v1.0.4

Have you ever wanted to prepare delicious home made french eclairs? This app will guide you through the whole process.

Iphonizer Iphonizer v1.3

Have you ever wanted your phone to look as cool as iPhone? Now you can! For free!

IQ Test Prank IQ Test Prank v1.2

Are you smart enought to play Angry Birds?
Do you know how smart are the people around you? No? Now you can tell within seconds!

Perfect Piano Beginner Perfect Piano Beginner v1.4

Learning to play the piano can be daunting task, if you don't know how to start.
That's why you need carefully designed tips for a beginner by a professional piano teacher.

Push The Button Push The Button v1.4

Can you push the button? Can you push it again?

Can you beat 100 pushes in 10 seconds?

SC2 Tips PRO SC2 Tips PRO v1.3

Starcraft 2 tips and secrets stayed hidden from the players for too long! Now completely FREE!

This app is here to help you discover the EDGE and utilise it!
Those tips and tricks are used by some of the best PRO players around the world - Idra, DRG, MVP, Nestea, Destiny.

Shoes Fashion Story Shoes Fashion Story v1.2

Do you need inspiration for something sexy and stylish to get? Have a look of some of the BEST shoes designed by inspired artists from around the World!

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