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Aware Me Aware Me v1.0

STOP LOOK - Be Aware as you walk

ColorTap ColorTap v1.0

See the color, tap the button.
Not as easy as it sounds!

Decimal Memory Decimal Memory v1.0

How good is your memory?
See how many random numbers in sequence you can remember.
It's a lot harder than you might think!

FlatBatt FlatBatt v1.2

Forgot to put your device on charge? Forget no more

GPS Runner GPS Runner v1.0

GPS Runner Protection - Pull plug of headset/earphones to invoke SMS with GPS co-ordinates for rescue

Lone Worker Lone Worker v1.0

Working Alone? - This App will put your mind at ease and contact a nominated person if you fail to check-in

Menu Helper UK - LightSYS2 Menu Helper UK - LightSYS2 v1.0

LightSYS2 Menu Helper

SMS Alerter SMS Alerter v1.0

Pop-Up Alerter for receiving important SMS or SMS with special word

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