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- Java - Delphi - OpenGL - Mathematics
- Mathematics : Game Theory, Number Theory. - (Science : astrophysics)

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Baby Shape Sorter Baby Shape Sorter v3.2

Baby shape sorter is fun for babies and toddlers! Move the objects into the corresponding holes. You can adjust difficulty by changing the number of different shapes and the number of objects.

Connector Connector v1.2

Connect every piece to another piece: leave no endpoint unconnected!

Curly Snake Curly Snake v1.3

It's classic snake but without the straight corners! Super intuitive controls: use your finger to point snake in the direction you want him to go. Also contains classic snake for some old school fun!
Now with leaderboards to compete with people from all over the world.

Dont bug the Ladybug! Dont bug the Ladybug! v1.12

Don't bug the ladybug!

Help the ladybugs across... and smash lots of ants in the process! Ants keep crawling up those poor ladybugs to scare them away. Let's show those ants that being red and dotted just makes for cuter bugs than being all creepy and crawly!

Forty Thieves: Josephine Forty Thieves: Josephine v1.1

Josephine Solitaire

"Josephine" is a popular variation of Forty Thieves solitaire. Unlike most solitaire games, it is played with two decks. For me, Josephine is a welcome change from more common solitaire games; playing with two decks makes for more challenging and interesting games!

FreeCell FreeCell v1.5


The classic card game for Android.

Kakuro Kakuro v1.0

Kakuro is a popular traditional puzzlegame

Level 99 Level 99 v2.1

Level 99 is match-3 game with an original twist.

Magic Cube Magic Cube v2.0

The ultimate puzzle is back in 3D! To solve the cube, rotate the sides of the cube to make every side show one color only.

Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v2.1

The classic solitaire game for Android. Match tiles to empty the field! Play fast for an higher score and post your score on leaderbord. Play perfect games (no shuffles) to unlock new fields.

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