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Parala Games
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Coding, Game Dev, Game Design, Delphi, Html5, Css, iOS, Objective-C, Unity3D
Unity3D, Game Dev, Space Stuff

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Enzijam Enzijam v1.3

Eat up all bad fat in your veins. Save your host Body! GlobalGame Jam 2013.

NeoPong NeoPong v1.8

Old Classic with a new Flavour! Pong game faster, better and amazing! Awesome scenarios and amazing features. Fun for all ages. You can play this Pong style game in tournament mode or challenge your friends on a match using just one device. Fun times for hours!

Paralagames PigRun Paralagames PigRun v1.0

Save your friends from the terrible wolves. Fun game ever.

Space Rage 3D Space Rage 3D v1.3.3

Your civilization is in danger and you are the commander of the most powerful ship on this side of galaxy.

Enemies want your blood to conquer and destroy your world. They are emerging from Darkness. This is the time to fight, survive and kill them all. Do not be afraid, do not hesitate to pull the trigger!


Undisputed Colony Undisputed Colony v1

Fight to defend your homeworld, fire and destroy your enemies, improve your weapons and try to survive the most intense Space Shooter for mobile games ever.

Zombie Trash Zombie Trash v2.0.0

Every Zombie needs to eat, right? So, you are The zombie. Living in a human city with the common violence often found over those places.

Made with the idea of plain Fun and Blood.

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