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eDrums eDrums v1.1

Full customizable electronic drums set.
- 8 pads
- latency as low as possible (~30ms on GT P1000)
- over 150 samples
- customizable pad color for better orientation
- two predefined sets
- multitouch

Eggs Eggs v1.1.1

Use the Wolf to catch all the eggs thrown by the chickens! Challenge yourself in hard mode and have your scores globally ranked!
- 2 game modes: modern and retro (old school USSR style)
- 2 difficulty levels: easy and hard
- global score rankings
We hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated.

Thunder Calculator Thunder Calculator v1.0

This calculator is designed to give the approximate distance from lightning, based on the speed of sound.
How to use:
Press the lightning button when you see the flash then press the thunder one when you hear the rumble.

* You can check distance on graph to know if thunder is coming to you

* You can check thunder area on map based on your GPS location and storm distance

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