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eChing eChing v1.5

Small answers to big questions!

eChing Lite eChing Lite v1.4.5

eChing - electronic iChing

I-Ching Oracle, kind of a Chinese horoscope, or better an advisor, a decision helper in the constant change of life.

You ask a question, press the yin yang button and receive an answer!

The core of the eChing are small, modern and funny oracle texts, instead of the classic translation.

It is a tribute to Dirk Gently
from the books of Douglas Adams.

eMa eMa v0.6.8

Meditation assistant on the road. Take your altar and meditation items with you.

eMa Lite eMa Lite v0.6.4

A shrine on the road: always with you a selection of inspiring meditation techniques, texts, tables and pictures, a customizable altar with candles, figurines, pictures and incense, a timer and a gong!
Let yourself be reminded of the divinity in the ordinary.

eMi eMi v1.3

Electronic Meditation isn´t a dream anymore. Get enlightment in a playful way.

eMi Lite eMi Lite v1.2

Electronic Meditation coming true. Train your concentration in a playful way.

eMeditate uses the most powerful meditation method, the concentration on the breath, as practiced in Yoga and zen. You control the red concentration point via tilting (accelerometer) and follow the white-blue breathing point.

Advance to enlightment by staying focused. Compare your progress with others worldwide. Meditate with your own avatar.

ePrayer ePrayer v0.5.0

Let your mobile device encourage your praying! Choose a saint, choose a purpose, choose a prayer. Let the music and the pictures inspire your prayer practice.

Pokr Pokr v1.0

Fusion of Poker, Klax and Solitaire, in real time. Play it together on 1 device.

Pokr lite Pokr lite v1.1

A fusion of Poker, Klax and Solitaire in real time. Test your combinatory skills

Quitting Quitting v1.0

Quitting is designed for smoking quitters. Gives you something to do while not smoking, directing your attention on the healing of your lungs.

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