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Christmas Carols Piano Christmas Carols Piano v20141213

123 Christmas Carols Piano is easy and fun game that will teach you how to play Christmas Carols on a piano. It will not only show you which keys to press, but will indicate tempo so that eventually you learn to play each melody correctly.

Coloring Book 4 Kids Coloring Book 4 Kids v1.0.1

Free Coloring Book application for your children. Now you can have with you more than 100 coloring pages.

Jigsaw Puzzle Animals Cars And More Jigsaw Puzzle Animals Cars And More v2014-12-23

Jigsaw Puzzle Animals and More is game for all ages. This Game will give you many hours of entertainment not only for you, but for your entire family. You better watch out - it is addictive :-).
We highly recommend this game to all Jigsaw fans. Give it a try - it’s FREE.

Kids Happy Farm Kids Happy Farm v1.0

Your Kids can now enjoy Animal Farm with real Animal Sounds. Watch your children having loads of fun with this simple, yet entertaining application. It can be used even by youngest babies and help them discover the world with colorful hand drawn images.

Kids Learn Colors Kids Learn Colors v1.0

Your child can now learn colors fun and easy way.

With this application you youngests can develop basic ability of color recognition.

Kids Memory Kids Memory v1.0.10

A memory game for kids with animals.

Objective is to find all matching cards. Tap two cards and check if they match. If they do search for another pair until you will get all of them. Be quick as each second counts.

This application is meant to develop your children.

Kids Washing Machine Kids Washing Machine v1.0.1

Washing Machine Toy for YOUR KIDS right under their fingertips. Watch your youngsters having loads of fun with this simple yet entertaining application.

KidsPiano KidsPiano v1.0.11

Learn how to play and sing popular melodies on Android Phone :-D

Application will guide you through which keys to hit and what to sing. Just look at the screenshots to get the LOOK and FEEL.

Choose one of the songs below and start practicing today.
- Mary had a little lamb
- London bridge is falling down
- Old McDonald had a farm
- Happy Birthday to You
- A-B-C song (the Alphabet song)
- Twinkle, twinkle little star
- Oh my darling, Clementine
- Eensy Weensy Spider
- Brother John

Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v2015-03-03

Mahjong Solitaire FREE is solitaire – single player – game which originated in China. It is providing lots of FUN and will entertain you for many hours. Since this is a solitaire version of Mahjong it is known under different names.

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