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Beat the Timer Beat the Timer v1.0.2

Push the Buttons before their timer reaches zero. Try to reach the highest scores!

HEXDef ONE HEXDef ONE v1.4.1

Tower Defense Style Game for Tablets on a hexagonal grid

Hit The Clouds Hit The Clouds v1.0.4

Tilt your device to steer the rocket - your goal is to hit every cloud, the game is over, when you miss a cloud. The rocket will accelerate all the time, so the game gets harder and harder! Try to get the highest score and be better than everyone else!

Minesweeper: Unlimited! FREE Minesweeper: Unlimited! FREE v1.5

Classical Minesweeper Game with up to endless playfields and intuitive UI on a hexagonal Layout

Robo Miner Robo Miner v1.4.15

Let your robot dig the ultimate mine

Shape Masher Shape Masher v1.1.1

Tap the shapes, let them plopp - let no shape through

Shapr! FREE Shapr! FREE v1.2.1

Combine shapes of equal color the remove them - earn points and challenge yourself

Sholik Sholik v1.0.6

Fast Paced Puzzle Game

Spider Nightmare Spider Nightmare v1.1.4

Imagine yourself in a nightmare, where you are in the middle of a room and spiders approaching you from every direction. In this game, your goal is to save the sleeper from those spiders - they will approach faster and faster. Tap them before they reach the sleeper. If the sleeper wakes up, you have lost.

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