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Lisp, C, C++, Python, Java, Android, Embedded systems

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ChrōmaZōn ChrōmaZōn v1.01

ChrōmaZōn is a tool that helps people with color blindness interpret the world around them. All you need to do is point your device's camera at something, and ChrōmaZōn will tell you what color it is.

Conway's Shuffle Conway's Shuffle v1.0

Conway's Shuffle is a live wallpaper that runs Conway's Game of Life on your device's screen. When the activity winds down, simply shake your device to shuffle the dots in this little world.

For more information about Conway's Game of Life, please see


Daria Fandom Blog Daria Fandom Blog v1.1

Daria Fandom Blog II:
News, opinions, and random ideas about MTV's Daria.

Mandelbrot's Dragon Mandelbrot's Dragon v1.01

Draws the Mandelbrot set on your screen and zooms in on the interesting parts.

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