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Gent Dev
Game Maker Studio, Corona SDK

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City Defender City Defender v0.9.3

This is simple game about railroad cars.
You must defend city from invaders.

Escbox Lite Escbox Lite v1.0.3

Run fast. Break stuff. Avoid lava.

Gravity Box Gravity Box v1.0.7

When you play gravity box you can change direction of gravity at any time.
Do you want walk on the wall or jump chasm? No problem. Just switch direction of gravity.

Hyperspace Hyperspace v1.3.6

Fast-paced space shooter. Protect your homeplanet from the alien invasion!

Identicon Free Identicon Free v1.1.2

Identicon – classic memory game, when you need collect pair cards. Each world include 12 levels, and difficulty increased every 3rd level. You can get 1 - 3 stars for completed level, if you have minimum mistake.

Malevich Malevich v1.1.4

Malevich — just a platformer in suprematism style.

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