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Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes v1.1

These recipes are best for the working mothers who have to rush for work and are worried for their family’s health too.
With beautiful interface and simple features, the app can be very useful for the people whose passion or profession is cooking. Divided into different categories it makes it easy for the people to make a choice of their favorite recipe.

Kids Alphabets Kids Alphabets v1.0

You hand over the kids “Kids Fruits Alphabets Musical” app on your mobile and you will soon see the difference in your child. Instead of playing tantrums on you, they will in fact start demanding fruits from you.

MathMagic MathMagic v2.0

This mathematical app "Mathmagic" is a children's delight. Now they are not just playing with the numbers but also enjoying solving their mathematical problems.
Just hand over the app to your kids and see them cracking their mathematical problems in an amazing way. It is a simple and entertainer mathematical app on your mobile device.

Memory Booster Memory Booster v1.0

Its fun, its exciting but still very easy to play. Helps increase observation and memory power of the kid. Tap It. Flip it, Match it and Win.
Oh! What an exciting moment it is for you too when you see your little one’s clap and drool as they match their favorite images.

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