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3D Extreme Basketball 3D Extreme Basketball v1.3

3D extreme basketball shooting featuring schoolyard level. Have you ever scored from the middle of the court? If not now you have a chance.

Compete against your friends on a very challenging levels or choose practice mode for training.

Dungeon Balance Dungeon Balance v1.1

Dungeon Balance is a challenging ball balance type game that puts you in the mysterious and dangerous dungeon scenery. Lead the ball to escape from the dungeon using phone accelerometer.

24 challenging levels to complete featuring a variety of obstacles to avoid.

Pick up the key and reach the teleporting pod in the quickest time.

Features Heyzap leaderboards - compete against your friends and other players.

Hungry Fox Hungry Fox v1.1

Hungry Fox Invades a farm to catch some chickens and steal their eggs.

Farm features a variety of hostile inhabitants, your goal is to avoid them and collect as many points as possible.
You can get more points from eggs, however, chickens will flee when you approach too close.

Game features HeyZap LeaderBoards, invite and compete against your friends.

Quick Balloons Quick Balloons v1.1

Quick Balloons is a simple yet very challenging game. Test your concentration and memory.
Every 20 seconds the game generates a random pattern of "good" colors to tap.
Missing a "good" balloon will cause loosing a point, tapping "wrong" color will end the game.

Invite your friends and play against them using HeyZap LeaderBoards.

Rubik's Tutorial Rubik's Tutorial v1.1

World's most popular puzzle Rubik's cube with Tutorial on your phone!.

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