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Dots Dots v1.0.5

Dots is a very interesting and addictive game..
The Objective is to connect as many dots you can in the given time (60 sec)
Option1: The game lets you refresh the board in case you are not able to find connections

Option2: Also you can redraw the board with only 2 colors.

Option3: Delete the objects of a certain color and moves all other dots/objects down

Math Brain Trainer Math Brain Trainer v1.0

Math brain Trainer – An addictive math brain puzzle game.
Amazing app to keep the brain active and young

The Objective of the game is to select numbers from the grid that adds to “Target”(box on bottom left)..

Bonus for selecting same color boxes
It Challenges your brain to speed up your ability to perform calculation quickly.

Math Practice Test Math Practice Test v1.2.6

Math Practice test is for maths genius kids who want to excel in all maths exam.
Currently it has questions for grade K-5 but we are working on adding questions for higher level.
Note: The Database has 10000+ questions and is continuously updated.
This app will help children to practice maths questions in all mathematics area.
It will not only be fun bit will also increase their calculation speed.

TriviaQuiz TriviaQuiz v1.0.5

Trivia Quiz is a classical multiple choice trivia quiz (MCQ) game. You will feel like you are participating in the TV Quiz shows like Who wants to be a millionaire, Are you smarter than fifth grader, Who want to me millionaire..
You have three lifelines.
1) 50/50 where 2 out of 4 questions will be removed.
2) Ask the expert:
3) Refresh the question.
Question from Sports, Movies, Politics, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, ....

Word Search Word Search v1.04

- Ability to skip in case you are not able to solve completely
- Lets you select from 80 different categories like fruits, vegetables, cities, countries, people, objects, verbs, adjectives, colors, numbers, languages, music, dance, stars etc.
- Hint provided if you want. Have 2 options (full word or only 1st letter)
- Different Language Support.
- Different difficulty level.
- Kids friendly

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