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Classic Speed Racer Classic Speed Racer v1.0

Discover real classic racing on your android phone. Classic Speed Racer comes with a quick racing addiction and you would definitely love to race one more time.
Beat the highest score by making sure your fuel tank is filled up, pick-up fuel as you move along and avoid hitting vehicles. The game goes faster as you progress and increases in difficulty over time

Paper Snake Paper Snake v1.1

Paper Snake is a great little game based off the classic game on the Nokia 3310! It is as addictive as the original Nokia snake but with a different feel (paper style), play Paper Snake and be prepared stay glued to your phone.

Sound Meter Sound Meter v1.6

Android Sound Meter allows you to measure environmental noise with your mobile phone.

SPL(Sound Pressure Level) meter uses your phones microphone to measure noise volume in decibels(db)and shows a graph for you to visualize the measurement.

Swallow Me Swallow Me v1.0.3

Swallow as many green rectangles as you can, avoid the red rectangles and the black circles. Game speed increases as you move on. Test you skills and discover more game rewards like speed reduction, size reduction and an option to swallow as many boxes as you can within the specified period of time.

This game is addictive, get very high scores and show off to your friends.

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