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Align Bubbles Align Bubbles v1.83

Align Bubbles is addictive and funny game for smartphones and tablets

andropuzzle andropuzzle v1.81

AndroPuzzle is a fairly simple puzzle game for smartphone

AndroSnake AndroSnake v2.31

AndroSnake is our cool version of the classic Snake game.

Control the snake as it moves around the board.
Eat the apple to gain points which will cause your snake to get longer and increase it's speed.

Play to get the highest local score or enable Scoreloop to compete with other players.


Memory+ Memory+ v2.13

Memory+:is a puzzle game for smartphones!

paintforkids paintforkids v1.47

paint for kids is a simple painting app designed for tablets

Space Master (HD) Space Master (HD) v1.7

Spacemaster(HD):free game for 7 inch tablets!

SpaceConqueror3D SpaceConqueror3D v3.02

Space Conqueror 3D is free 3d game for android

spacemaster spacemaster v1.7

you play a kind of spaceship that must destroy other vessels and avoid obstacles.

Submarine War Submarine War v1.42

In the year 2066 ,A new war begins and You lead a submarine in the ocean depths and must eliminate the enemies

SubmarineWar(HD) SubmarineWar(HD) v1.23

SubmarineWar(HD):free game for 7 inch Tablets!

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