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Game Maker Studio Visual basic Spine Java Java-Script HTML Photoshop
Computers and programming.

TheanyKey's applications

Blip Runner - Free Blip Runner - Free v1.0.0

Run and eat jalapeno and ice cream.

Catch a Note - Family - Free Catch a Note - Family - Free v1.0.4

Platform game with the heart in your throat and the feeling of being pursued.

Cop and Robbers - Family Cop and Robbers - Family v1.2.4

Catch the robbers to become the best cop in the world.

Furry land - Free Furry land - Free v1.2.4

3 match game. Defeat the furry boss and rescue furry land to become the hero.

Jewel race - Free Jewel race - Free v1.1.1

Load your monster truck and roar towards the goal.

Math league - Free Math league - Free v1.0.5

2 Player game (on same device). Plus take out minus. Multiply take out divide.

Speed in Space - Free Speed in Space - Free v1.1.0

Point and click arcade game in the speed of light.

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