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ALife Patterns ALife Patterns v1.0

Customize to personalize your pattern!

Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg v1.0

Blitzkrieg through space!

Conway's Game of Life Free Conway's Game of Life Free v1.0

Beautiful patterns based on cellular automata

iPrivacy Free iPrivacy Free v1.0

Hide / block your Text /SMS Messages.

Magneto Metal/EMF Detector Free Magneto Metal/EMF Detector Free v1.1

Most comprehensive, feature packed and accurate Metal/EMF detector by far.

Moose Meter Free Moose Meter Free v1.1

You can customize the display of the CPU Usage and Battery Meter and just about everything to customize the way you want. The Moose Meter works as a live wallpaper for your convenience instead of a widget.
In short make if the Moose is adjusted on CPU usage, then the Moose goes slowly when CPU usage is high and faster when CPU is low. Vice versa if the Moose is adjusted on the Battery Life.
Now that is some awesome way of having a CPU or a Battery Meter.

Ro Sham Bo Extreeeme! Ro Sham Bo Extreeeme! v1.1

Rock-paper-scissors with an extreme twist!

Tap To Keep It Up ! Tap To Keep It Up ! v1.0

Tap To Keep It Up

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