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UDFrog2 UDFrog2 v4.2.5

Aiming at the goal playing the frog ! Action puzzle game of simple operation!

Upside-down Frog Upside-down Frog v1.1

Overturn all the frogs in the screen!
Tilt the device will change the gravity of the screen.
Please enjoy the physics engine incorporates a unique movement.

* The current version is only 35 stages.

Let rest on the ground upside down all the frogs in the screen.
Try to update the best time! !

ViViShoot! ViViShoot! v1.32

Cute and exciting shooting game! !
Normal attack and special attack, effectively use the dash, trying to clear the level! !

Stronger the higher the life.
Become weaker and less life.
Kill an enemy with high scores in succession!
Simple and sophisticated gaming systems.

Simple as can be understood without reading the manual to operate.

Vix Vix v1.3.0

Brandish a hammer!!
Get chain and get high score!

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