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4Sport Pic 1 Word 4Sport Pic 1 Word v1.41

It is 4 Sport Foto 1 Word!
If you love sport you should test yourself in this 4 foto 1 word game!
Look at four pictures and guess what's is the sport in common!

Antonyms Antonyms v1.0

New game that continues style of "4 Pics 1 Word" and "Guess Picture".

You have two pictures now. They are antonyms. You can start from first or second pic - it doesn't matter.

It is easily from one side, because you have two pictures and can understand link between them. But is harder from other side, because you have to write two answers, not one.

Sour and sweet. Dry and wet.

Guess words from pictures on screen

Cataclysm Cataclysm v1.1

Read, Choose, Survive!

A short book where you can decide your destination. Your life in your hands and you should make right decisions. Try to learn something and use it. Everything can be useful if cataclysm happens.
Two languages: English and Russian.
This is book-game.

Combine Words Combine Words v1.1

Combine words is brain-puzzle-word game that popular for parents and children. Nobody knows when this game appear but it was a long-long time ago.


Football euro 2012 games in gamepack. 16 games about football

Find a WORD Find a WORD v1.06

Find a WORD in English for free: You can play from easy 1 word at screens for children up to extreme challenges of 20 and more words per screen. Choose the difficulty of your Find a WORD puzzle!

Guess picture Guess picture v1.32

New game that will beat 4 pics 1 word, because you are smarter and can guess picture from one pic. But wait. 1 pic is too much for you. We hide it with black squares and you can open about 10 squares per level and 5 squares we will open for you at random.

Mopon.ru - сайт халявы Mopon.ru - сайт халявы v1.2

Mopon.ru - сайт, где вы сможете узнать, как получать вещи, за которые раньше платили, абсолютно бесплатно!
Ежедневные обновления!

Rebus Rebus v1.0

There is 60 word play puzzles now. All puzzles are free to use. Your progress is saved. You'll see what puzzles solved already, but what waiting for your attention.

↗ Addicting puzzles!
↗ Complete utilization of your brains!
↗ Nice pictures!
↗ Constant updates of New Rebuses!
↗ it’s FREE!

Ricky Monkey Runner Ricky Monkey Runner v1.4

Ricky Monkey run throw jungle. He should avoid snakes, crocodiles and other obstacles on his way to win in this runner-game. But not everything is dangerous in jungle. Ricky Monkey loves fruits and you can help him to have it in this runner-game. Just collect any pair of fruits and Ricky will throw it to break obstacle.

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