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Crazy Shapes Crazy Shapes v1.0.1

Now you can play with Shapies in a casual game, align them and create a chain reaction!
Create combinations of three or more pieces and get amazing reactions, scores and boosters.

Draw and Connect Draw and Connect v1.0.2

Connect the dots to discover beautiful animals, while learning ordered numbers, letters of the alphabet and basic vocabulary. The funny colorful pictures and sounds will keep your son or daughter engaged and willing to discover more.

100 colorful scenarios across 5 worlds!!!

Draw and Connect Draw and Connect v1.0.6

Play, draw and connect the dots, and learn numbers, letters and basic vocabulary

Shapies Shapies v1.0.8

Shapies are about to collapse, stack them up and save them!

This addictive physics-based stacker will entertain all ages along more than 80 free levels.

Shapies is a free physics-based puzzle stacker game for Android, in which you have to arrange and stack various types of shapes on one another in such away that shapes don’t collapse. It will hold your attention in such a way that you keep on playing the game level after level.

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