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Maxime Mbabele
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- PHP, C#,C++,C, Java, Visual Studio 2005/8/10/12, Eclipse, Netbeans - OpenSuse Linux, VMware - Secure Network socket programming in java/C# & C. - Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) - Nagios Network Monitoring Tool. - SSL Client/Server Architecture, RSA & AES encryption, OpenSSL, Keystore & Trustore. - Open source Asterisk PBX & open source library AIX library. - Gstreamer Audio processing library, Video/Audio streaming - Mobile Apps using C++, J2ME, Android, Blackberry, C# - Android

xamxam23's applications

50 States Flags 50 States Flags v2.6

Fun with USA 50 states flags.

Coins and Banknotes Coins and Banknotes v1.4

A bit of fun counting coins and banknotes.

Correct the word Correct the word v1.6

Correct each word.Quickly Remove the wrong letters to correct a word!

Fun With Numbers Fun With Numbers v1.9

Fun game: Count the numbers by touching or moving them to the center.

Gravity Shift Gravity Shift v1.2

Avoid Obstacle by bouncing up and down, defying gravity endlessly.

Math Arithmetic Math Arithmetic v1.3

Practice your math arithmetic. Exercise your brain.

N-Tuple Math N-Tuple Math v1.3

Math Workout: Quickly Connect N- Tuple numbers that add up to a given sum!

Picture Puzzles Picture Puzzles v1.1

50 beautiful picture puzzles to solve in 3 different modes.

Picture Puzzles Plus Picture Puzzles Plus v1.2

more than 100 beautiful picture puzzles to solve in 3 different modes.

Quick Budget Quick Budget v2.0

Quick Budget is the simplest way to manage any kind of budget list.

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