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Ancient Battle Ancient Battle v1.0

In the game, you must constantly strike the Presbytery of Rome soldiers, and give the elders time to escape. You can also make use of the randomly appearing explosives against opponents, increasing the chances for the elders.

Big Bang Big Bang v1.0

Test your memory with this captivating sci-fi game!
See how far you can get without making too many mistakes!

Ice Raid Ice Raid v1.0

Put your memory skills to the test with Ice Raid!

Long long ago, in the star named Somora planet northernmost, elves rule the place, this is the most beautiful planet Somora.Until the dark snow queen Raquel, everything was changed, and the powerful magic Somora north end million in ice, not a life.In order to let the elves glory shine, in order to save Suomola, the king of elves Selin with her enormous vitality as the cost from the plane to summon courage to fight against the snow queen..

Pet Storm Pet Storm v1.0

Do you like animals? Want to put your hand-eye coordination to the test? Try Pet Storm!

Seal Agent Seal Agent v1.0

Game player's task is not to let seals hit the ice. At the beginning of the game the player has a certain number of deep-sea bombs. Player can click anywhere on the screen to detonate the bomb. Seals and other units near the explosion will be detonated, thereby forming a chain reaction. Wiping out more than 3 seals will increase the supply of ammunition. Destroy all seals to advance.

The devil is work The devil is work v1.0

You are working for the devil, but there are a lot of angels waiting for you. If you are not careful you will be caught, so use your evil brain to challenge them!

Zombie Raid Zombie Raid v1.0

In Zombie Raid you must protect yourself from getting caught by the zombies. Only by detonating the bombs can you hope to escape the assault!

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