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Localization feedback

The german locale of SAM3.3 is broken unfortunately:
Non ASCII characters are displayed incorrectly, e.g. it shows "Spa§ & Spiel" instead of "Spaß & Spiel" in the categories listing. It seems the problem persists in the whole application.

It would also be great if the apps listview would return to the same position when you return from an app details page to the list.

German locale in SAM 3.4


This issue should be fixed in SAM 3.4. Would you be kind enough to confirm?

Thank you,

Thank you very much, the

Thank you very much, the german locale is now working as expected in SAM 3.4. :)

Fixed in SAM 3.4

The german character issue has been fixed and has been committed in SAM 3.4 due soon.

For later, your suggestion has been submitted.

Thank you for your feedback and contribution.

SAM 2.8 is out

18,400 downloads till 2.8

Includes multiple language support and HTC-Magic compatibility.

SlideME Team

Try 2.7

Not sure if you are running a custom build, but try SAM 2.7(or latest) as its a release with a few fixes for HTC-Magic.

Contact support if you have any logs that could help us troubleshoot if problem persists.

SlideME Team

I'm running a cupcake build

I'm running a cupcake build and attempting to install 2.6 freezes my phone.

2.4 is out

15,192 Downloads till May 17th, 2009 release of 2.4

SlideME Team

2.3 is out

7398 downloads of SAM till 2.3

Let us know your thoughts and give us feedback for SAM 2.3

14 comments and 6644 downloads till SAM v2.2

Seems that its all been too good for SAM 2.2. Would like to start seeing more comments and suggestions for next SAM 2.3 due out shortly.


temporary data?

When an application is downloaded through SAM, where's it stored?

sam can be use in emulator?

sam can be use in emulator?

sam in emulator

SAM can be loaded in emulator but can not install applications

problem with installing application

While Installing application It is giving error
"For security , your phone is set to block installation of
application not sourced in Android market"

If anybody have solution plz reply me

Email :


What did you do?? i need help i have the same thing... Help me if you got it fixed thanks

Security block for apps not sourced from Android Market

Go to: menu/settings/applications. Check the "Unknown Sources" box.

Way to go!

This appears to be the beginning of something great. I love that we already have a non google android marketplace. keep up the great work!

Will SAM be also loadable

Will SAM be also loadable through the Android-Market?

Nicolas 'plusminus' Gramlich
# | Worlds largest Android Development Community


Yes, we are going to be putting it in the Android Market. We aren't planning on doing so until the billing feature is added, sometime over the next week or so.


only 8?

There are quite a few apps on this site, but why is there only 8 listed in SAM?

SDK 1.0 versions provisioned to SAM

The ones listed on SAM are based on Android SDK 1.0 release.
All developers that have uploaded to SlideME an earlier version will need to update accordingly.

Got it:

Got it:

I liked the old UI a lot more:

The current on seems a bit naked :(

It will get to that :)

It will get to that :)

How to download it? Maybe

How to download it?
Maybe I'm blind :(

open in firefox or any browser


This is really nice :)