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BullyProofAssistantProf BullyProofAssistantProf v1.0

Are you targeted by bullies day in and day out? Do you have feelings of being numb and in a state of confusion? When you run into this type of situation, what you really need to do is to bring to a swift end such harassment.

This anti-bully app is a useful tool for anyone who is targeted by bullies.
1. Document Bullied assault by entering in minimal information of any bullied assault. You then have the capability to send out an emergency message to anyone who can come to your immediate help and support.

Enter in a brief description as to where the assault had occurred with the correct date and time, enter in the bullies name, check off the type of assault, and if you, the target, are having feelings of hurting yourself or the bully, then press the Incident Report button and email or send text message to someone who can come to your aid.

2. Added camera to take a photo is also available in the Document Bullied assault section where you can take a photo of the bully and save it for your records.

3. Video capability is also available by pressing the “Record Video” button from the main menu.

4. Internet access is also required for the third button where the user can get support from 10 anti-bully web sites, including mine at

You must expose the BULLY for what he/she really is. For Legal reasons you must keep an accurate record (paper trail) of all Bullied activity.

You must find a way to get others to be willing to stand behind you or by your side. That's how you would appear to be less of a victim.
Bully Proof Assistant will take care of all this and more. Eliminating such horrifying harassment in work (office jerk) or in school will also eliminate much of the unnecessary stress in your life. As difficult as it may be you must address the situation before its too late. Just remember you are not alone.

This anti-bullying app is designed to be used by anyone who is being targeted and bullied in the playground or in the Workplace A special "settings" option has been added to the menu selection. All you need to do is check off the environment where you are being Bullied, The app will use that selection to generate an appropriate message to be sent out. This app is also useful for someone who is targeted on the internet (cyber bullies) and if you, the target, are having thoughts of harming yourself or the bully.

My main goal is to use the latest technology available to combat all forms of Bullying as peacefully as possible, I also would like to hear from anyone who has been bullied in the workplace.

Bully Proof Assistant Professional works fine on the phone or tablet for any living environment and for any age. I'm hoping that people who are being targeted by bullies will try it out. If there are any issues, or suggestions, please let me know and I will immediately look into it. Also, please feel free to check out my Web site:
If you like what I'm doing, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. We all need to work together to make our world a better place.


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Everyone 10+ (age 10 and over)
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Android 4.4W
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Android 2.3
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Access network state, Camera, Camera, Internet, Read external storage, Record audio, Write external storage

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