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The Hunt for Red Panda The Hunt for Red Panda v1.0

Richard Paddington, a young and ambitious artist spent all his money into his first Art exhibition organization. He put everything on the line and hoped for critics’ favor. He was waiting for the most authoritative British art critic Sir Norman Mackintosh and prayed for his benevolence. But Norman Mackintosh felt sick that day. He ate too many oysters during for the lunch and was nauseated. Everything frustrated him and all his thoughts were about returning to the hotel room. So he fobbed off the young painter and called his paintings ‘inartistic and daubery’. All the journalists heard that and recorded these words. It’s been like a death sentence. The gallery emptied out and left Richard Paddington alone and raged. He teared off the paintings and burnt them. The flame was so strong that the entire gallery flared up and burnt to the ground. No one saw Richard after that so they considered him to die in the fire.

Almost 30 years after that the Art Museum building is being restored after fire and crowd is waiting for the Grand Opening. People are waiting for the promised surprise. When the gallery is opened the curator presents a masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci “Lady with the Ermine”. But instead of the ermine lady appears to hold a red panda. Someone has drawn it on top of the Leonardo’s painting. There’s a note behind the painting – it is a threat from mysterious criminal to vandalize world-famous masterpieces in different museums around the globe. Nobody knows who he is and where to find the villain calling himself Red Panda. So museum curators address an Art Detective (player) and ask him / her to help them in restoring the vandalized paintings and assist the police in finding clues to the red Panda personality. The Art Detective travels around the world, from one museum to another and restore the paintings. Eventually he / she finds clues / evidences left by Red Panda and combine them into one picture. At the end, when all the clues are found, police has enough evidences to catch and arrest the villain.


Parental rating: 
Early Childhood (age 3-6)
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The Hunt for Red Panda
The Hunt for Red Panda
The Hunt for Red Panda


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Target Android version: 
Android 5.1
Minimum Android version: 
Android 3.0
Requires permissions: 
Internet, Wake lock

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