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Legion Mania Legion Mania v1.1.0


★ ★ ★ ★ ★Features ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • 1. Start with three distinctive heroes.
  • 2. Recruit more formidable forces, learn more powerful skills.
  • 3. Countless gear combinations exist.
  • 4. Set up various formations to fight against giant bosses in epic battles.
  • 5. Three different themed worlds with over 25 maps to explore.
  • 6. Forge your own sacred weapon with the materials you collect through your adventures.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
As a commander of a legion, you must choose the best method of attack whether it is swooping from the sky with your Sky Riders or striking with a phalanx of Centaur Warriors to crush the opposition. With dozens of soldiers, weapons, and magic spells at your service, Legion Mania equips you with everything you need to dominate the battlefield.
Three Heroes from which to Choose with Specialized Skills

  • 1. Thunder Beast: High health, high defense.
  • The Battle Roar raises your hero’s surrounding allies’ attack.

  • 2. Magic Master: Ranged attack, high magic.
  • The Ice Field freezes targeted enemies.

  • 3. Moon Shadow: High attack, high speed.
  • The Sword Cyclone cuts through a straight line of enemies
    Other common skills include the Doomsday Charge, the Air Raid, the Thunder Rage.

      Combat System
      The combat system is in part based on a kind of like rock-paper-scissors method of fighting, as each unit has both an advantage and a disadvantage against others. For example, the Ally Footmen’s piercing attack has an advantage against the Orc Warriors’ armor. Each unit has different attack ranges. For instance, Goblin Bomber owns a far range of four-blocks on the battlefield.

    Above 9 years of age, fans of casual and strategy games.
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Everyone 10+ (age 10 and over)
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English, Spanish, Russian (Russia), Chinese, Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China), Chinese (Taiwan)
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Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
Legion Mania
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Requires Google Play and/or account: 
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Target Android version: 
Android 4.4
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.2
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Screen landscape, Screen portrait, Touchscreen, Wifi
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Access wifi state, Change network state, Get accounts, Get tasks, Internet, Read external storage, Read phone state, Use credentials, Write external storage,

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Very bad app. Don't bother.

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Good app, great value.

Great app, would highly recommend it!

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