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MyTools2Learn MyTools2Learn v1.0.7


MyTools2Learn uses proven scientific methods to dramatically improve learning efficiency.

Using spaced learning and adaptive learning, MyTools2Learn has clear advantages over traditional methods.

MyToos2Learn gives educational institutions the necessary tools to achieve continuous quality control.

What is the problem of studying with traditional methods (books and online)?

Problem #1: you forget quickly.You study something, pass the exam, and the next day you start forgetting. You have no way of even knowing what you forgot.

Solution: MyTools2Learn tracks every piece of information that you study, and schedules reviews according toyourperformance. Based on sound science MyTools2Learn uses Spaced Learning to interfere with your natural forgetting curve at the right moment tomaximize learning with the least effort .

Problem #2: you under-study. With traditional methods (books and online), you don’t spend enough time on the material that you have trouble remembering.

Solution: MyTools2Learn automatically schedules more review sessions for the
material that you have trouble remembering, so youdon't under-study .

Problem #3: you over-study. With traditional methods (books and online), you go over and over the study material, wasting time on items that youalready know .

Solution: You automaticallystudy less oftenwhat you can easily remember, so youdon't over-study . Additionally, if you come across something that youalready knewbefore taking the course, the system detects it and youdon't waste timestudying it.

Problem#4: courses are available for a limited time. When you enroll in a traditional online course, usually the material you study is available to you only during the duration of the course.

Solution: You receive aWhatever You Study Is Yours For Everguarantee. You can comeback at ANY time in the future and study the courses you paid for at no additional charge.

Problem #5: traditional courses don't help you maintain the whole course fresh in your memory.

Solution: with MyTools2Learn, it is easy to maintain a whole coursefresh in your long-term memory , essentiallyforever : once you complete a course (that is, once all knowledge atoms are considered learned), you may take a Test of Learned Atoms every few months or years to identify those pieces of knowledge that faded out of memory so that MyTools2Learn may automatically reinsert them into the reviewing process.

Problem #6:courses don't take advantage of the power of modern computers. Modern computers have vast amount of storage, but still online courses track your progress at the Unit, Chapter or Section level. The problem is that within those sections, there are items that you remember and others that you don’t.

Solution: MyTools2Learn takes advantage of the enormous storage capacity of modern computers to provide total and continuous quality control; itkeeps track of every piece of information (or knowledge atom) to achieve and maintain the probability oflong-term retention close to 100% .


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan)
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Android 4.0.3
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Android 2.2
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240 dpx
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Broadcast sticky, Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage

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