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Hey y''s AJ, your friendly neighborhood asshollectual, and I just realized I made a serious error in judgement by expecting folk to understand me or my opinionated message board/online journal here at first glance. So, here's a crash course for those who may not get it (or just need some training wheels on this crazy ride I call undermyfitted...).

It's fucka cliche (and if that spooks you, we're better off parting company now) to say the what you write is about any and everything, but this truly is. As a reader, you really never know what you're in for from day to day, because...shit, I don't either. However, I like it, and all the cool kids do too.

(undermyfitted...) is a trip into my mind and/or an approximation of the experience of knowing me. Whether that's good or bad is for you to decide...but depending on what I feel like typing, the topic could be a random thought, a current event, a life observation, a kidventure with my accidinfant child or his purposeful mommy, pop culture, a food review, a story that I barely believe but that still happened, social commentary, or just flinging whatever daily bullshit crosses my field of living at my growing band of faithful readers.

I mean seriously...just so you know, it bounces around. I'm...inspired...most of the time, so everything from childbirth to hoodrat identifcation procedures to a career path as a Power Rangerâ„¢ (Copyright Saban America or whoever...I'm not getting sued, fuck that) to just why women make 15% less than men...maybe a discussion of the English language, or what I couldn't decide to eat for dinner makes the front page if you catch me on the right day. I might question the nature of existence the day after I rant about walking too slowly in the middle of a sidewalk.

So if you got an extra 10 minutes you're not doing a damn thing with, why not make me feel important and check out umf? Aight, you're on your own now...take my mind for a spin (but be careful, the accelerator sticks sometimes). Feel free to explore my entire catalog of infotainment and make use of the tags to see other posts like the ones you like...and you know you like to umf, roll up, sit down, stay a while...


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