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MailDroid Themes MailDroid Themes v1.01

Add some color and style to MailDroid using the MailDroid Theme Plugin!

MCU Selector MCU Selector v1.0

The Renesas MCU product selector app allows you to conveniently search & share a wide range of microcontroller products from Renesas.

Meeting Point Meeting Point v1.1

Do you want to meet and talk to people that is around you (same WiFi)?

My Favorites My Favorites v1.0.0

This application helps you to save your favorite files, websites and contacts and categorize them so it'll be easy and fast for you to access them.
So, if you tired of navigating too many folders to reach your favorite files, tired of launching internet browser and searching for favorite sites or tired of searching your favorite contacts, This application is for you.

Online Video Player Online Video Player v1.0.2

Online Video Player

Такси 2.0 Такси 2.0 v2.0.0

Заказывайте и работайте в Такси в нашем новом приложении!

Reflexis Reflexis v1.33

Reflexis is a fun, fast-paced speed game that tests your reflexes and eye-hand coordination. Reflexis includes a global times leaderboard and achievements. Support for multiple users per device. Install to SD support. Try it now!

Toddler Match Puzzles Toddler Match Puzzles v4.11

This traditional, simple, yet engaging, super fun puzzle game is sure to delight your toddler. This is a casual, cute fun puzzle shape matching game your child will love. Contains a full 27 puzzles.

TraceBuddy TraceBuddy v1.19

App for sharing your location with anybody even if they don't have a mobile device. No login necessary, no account, just install and go. Social Tracking made easy.

Intelliphone licence Intelliphone licence v1.5

This is the licence for the Intelliphone app.

Crossword Help Crossword Help v1.1

App to help you complete half solved English crosswords.

Butter Updater Butter Updater v0.9.8 beta

OTA-Updater for Butter Kernel

Utoo Utoo v1.1.2

Client for Utoo cloud storage.
- Open files storing on server.
- Keep files locally.
- File's editing.
- Share via sms, like a link and through the social network.
- Friendly user interface.
- Supported by three languages.

MeMWalker MeMWalker v1.0

A Fast, Fun and Easy way to Learn!

The reviews are out! MeMWalker excels as a learning tool and is an 'excellent way to learn a new languages'.
Leon Harvey
http://thesmartphoneappreview.com/android/memwalker-android-review/ July - 2013

FoodieToGo FoodieToGo v1.2

Use the FoodieToGo mobile app to search nearby restaurants and order food from 1000s of restaurants in the US provided by Ordr.in.

Super Ball Game Super Ball Game v1.0.3

Are you fast? Are you passionate for really cool & smooth Games? Then this Super Ball Game is perfect for you.

A pure Open GLES game ensuring optimal battery usage and ultra-smooth functionality.

AMN CoWorkingSpace AMN CoWorkingSpace v6.3

L'app du coworkingspace présente les activités du coworkingspace et permet de contacter les startups et coworkers qui y sont présents.

StempelFix StempelFix v1.2

Schlankes komfortables Tool zur Arbeitszeiterfassung und Auswertung

Call Block Call Block v1.0

Control privacy. Block unwanted calls. Schedule private times. Block all calls according to schedule.

LoLCrafter LoLCrafter v1.29

Database and calculator for League of Legends.