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Music Rider Music Rider v1.1.0

Music Rider is a FREE, simple and addicting game that's fun for all ages.

Help the sorcess grab the keys within the rhythm to discover the entire music !

Astro Monkey Astro Monkey v1.1.0

Astro Monkey is a simple but addictive reaction-based fast paced action game.

Monster Go Monster Go v1.1.0

Monster Go is an endless runner game consisting of a cute monster swerving left and right to avoid the dangerous monsters from harming it while collecting gems.

Shopaholic Shopaholic v1.1.0

Shopaholic is a nonstop endless simple yet addictive runner game.

You need to collect the greatest amount of shoes without colliding with boxes.

Little Warrior Little Warrior v1.16

Little Warrior is a endless runner game that utilizes joystick control.

Flying Asteroid Flying Asteroid v1.1.0

Flying Asteroid is a super fun and really addictive game with well designed graphics and concepts.

AliBaba AliBaba v0.0.1

Defeat the thieves with their leader Alibaba.

Save The Squirrel Save The Squirrel v1.1.0

Save The Squirrel is an exciting game in which you have to save the squirrel.

Fatboy Run Fatboy Run v1.1.0

The fatboy have health problems. We will help him to lose weight.

You need to find the healthy foods and touch the unhealthy foods to prevent the fatboy eating.

Boatman Bill Boatman Bill v1.0.0.8

Help Boatman Bill to collect as many Starfish as possible.

SimpleTanks SimpleTanks v1.2

Tired of difficult games? Play in Simple Tanks!

TapTapMining TapTapMining v1.1

Join this fun and excite RPG game Tap Tap Mining, Upgrade, Explore and have fun

Ant Forage Ant Forage v2.0

Grow your colony by collecting food for the queen

Pig Run Pig Run v1.0

Pig Run is a fun and addictive action game controlled by your phone gravity sensor.

Jump Over the Rings! Jump Over the Rings! v1.0.5

Jump over countless rings in this addicting retro arcade game!

Dirty Fight Dirty Fight v1.3

Dirty Fight is a Kung Fu combat fighting competition game with points it has new powerful characters to choose from ,Experience action fast and furious street type of fight for free and enjoy huge list of battle for fun dirty fight is one of 2016 games and offline games you can play it offline

Unreal Fighter Unreal Fighter v1.015f

The cruelty is in everyone's blood...

Air Space Combat Air Space Combat v2.3

Air Space Combat is battle games between aircraft alien ship in the air with Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects you cant stop when play it ,

Boat Runner Boat Runner v1.0.3

Real boat speeding in a challenging one tap gameplay style! Tap as fast as you can and get the highest score!

Space Rescue Space Rescue v1.0.0.1

Save the astronauts in the outer space in this unique one tap casual game! Go from planet to planet, collect astronauts but avoid hostile aliens.
28 challenging levels!