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TrebleClef TrebleClef v1.2

Application will help you to improve your music notes reading skills.

Quazzel Quiz Quazzel Quiz v1.0.1

Quazzel Quiz is a voice-based quiz game you can play hands-free.

Find The Pairs Find The Pairs v1.1.0

Find The Pairs is an educational interactive match game created for children of all ages but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family!

One Ohm One Ohm v1

Achieve the Equivalent Resistance of the Given Resistor Network to "1Ω"

Crazy Gallery Crazy Gallery v1.0.10

Complete the paintings on this crazy gallery before the timer runs out!

Arkalang Arkalang v3.0

Useful arkanoid game. Play and try to easy learn 5000+ foreign words on some languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, German.

Finding Color Finding Color v1.1

Let your children play and learn the color.

Finding Alphabets Finding Alphabets v1.2

"Finding Alphabets" teaches your child to recognize the alphabets.

Yusheng Rush Yusheng Rush v1.1.1

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with the Guardians of PlayMoolah!

CashCrunch CashCrunch v1.4

Take control of your money habits before your money takes control of you. Do you want to have more money at the end of the month? If so sharpen your habits with CashCrunch 101. A Personal Finance Game created to get you thinking about your finances in the form of earning, spending and saving.

Can you stop your Cash from being Crunched and take Control of your money before it controls you?

Colors Colors v1.06

Train your brain

Word Play Word Play v1.0

Play with words with WordPlay! :)

Guess The Flag Guess The Flag v1.0

Geographical quiz, which will allow you to quickly learn all the countries flags of the world!


- For given flag you will select proper country
- 10 levels of difficulty
- At every level there are 23 countries flags (a total of 230 national flags to guess!)
- Learn mode without time pressure
- Ranking of top players

Grey Matters Grey Matters v1.0

Improve brain function while having fun with this exciting new game!

Tap It To Win It Tap It To Win It v1.0.6

This game was developed not only to give entertainment but also to help you in testing your accuracy and quick thinking.

TheRecyclerFree TheRecyclerFree v0.8

This is a 2d runner. Jump over obstacles (Recycling Bins) and collect recyclable materials for points!

English typing practice - Acid rain English typing practice - Acid rain v1.2.2

It is English typing practice game.

Bilgi Yarışması Bilgi Yarışması v1.1.0

Bilgilerini test et, öğren.

Nursing Hero Nursing Hero v1.0

single player
up to 10 level
with Artificial Intelligence

Fly or Run Fly or Run v1.1

Can Chicken fly ??
Learn with fun and get ready to enter the world of animals and birds.