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Diversión de Cafeína para adultos Diversión de Cafeína para adultos v1.1

Esto aplicación agregará la cantidad de cafeína de bebidas en los restaurantes populares y los mercados en los Estados Unidos, México, Brasil y Canadá conjunto de las bebidas que toma durante el día. Esto aplicación le dirá cuando usted ha tenido demasiada cafeína.
Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, Pepsi, Sobe, RC Cola, Dr Pepper, Snapple, Arizona Tea, Panera, Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Jarritos, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Dannon, Hershey's, Monster, Red Bull, y mas!

Low Sodium Coffee Options Low Sodium Coffee Options v1.3

If your doctor tells you that you need to be on a "low sodium diet", this app will tell you which coffee and tea drinks at popular USA chains meet the requirements by the FDA for "low sodium options" that you can enjoy in a very easy-to-use and simple manner. Brands included are: Panera Bread, Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and McDonalds.

Simple and easy to use the next time you are at the coffee shop!

Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens v1.2

Caffeine Monitor for Kids and Teens (and parents) has two purposes:
1) to make good decisions on what your childrens' diet should be according to caffeine for healthier waking hours and better sleep.
2) To take good educated guesses at whether you are "addicted to caffeine" according to what you might usually drink in a day.

Caffeine Monitor for Adults Caffeine Monitor for Adults v1.2

- simple caffeine monitoring through button pressing
- simple drink logging
- links to many medical and journalist reports on this subject
- keep track of how much caffeine you are taking in through their drinks, foods, and vitamins every day
- less sickness, better sleep
- alerts to when you should have just one more, stop for the day, or enjoy another caffeinated drink!
- pre-installed limit for normal, working adults and university students!
- all the real brands/sizes offline!

Consulta CID10 FREE Consulta CID10 FREE v1.1.3

A consulta à Classificação Internacional de Doenças - CID 10 - na palma de sua mão!

Destinado à área médica e aos profissionais da saúde afins, provém acesso prático e conveniente à versão 2008 da CID-10.

Rugby League Live Rugby League Live v2.12

Live NRL scores and news for your mobile.

* Live stats
* Twitter News
* Video News
* Team and Player Stats
* Player Injuries
* Too many to mention

Aussie Rules Live Aussie Rules Live v2.12

Live AFL scores, stats, news for your mobile. Plus so much more.

* Live stats
* Twitter News
* Video News
* Team and Player Stats
* Player Injuries
* Too many to mention

Tea Tips Donate Tea Tips Donate v1.2

Improve your health, restoring the immune system, lose weight with Tea Tips.

Widget with countdown timer for brewing tea.

What to eat? What to eat? v1.1

Diet is a key risk factor for heart disease and one of the easiest to change, with a little knowledge. Here we give you a fun way to learn. Take our healthy diet quiz to see how well you would do.

South Indian Cooking South Indian Cooking v1.1.1

Who doesn't love the spicy hot curries and appams from South India? Whether it's the bhaths from Karnataka or the pappu varieties from Andhra, the meen curries from Kerala or the different kuzhambu varieties from Tamilnadu, they are sure to make you salivate.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy v1.5

You and your kids will sleep easy with this free Android application.

Oriental Sleep Oriental Sleep v1.3

Sleep and relax to the sounds of the Orient

Skin App Skin App v4.0a

Skin App - an app for your skin

Heart Sense Heart Sense v4.5

Check your pulse! Share it with Friends!

Heart Risk Calculator Heart Risk Calculator v1.1.0

Calculate your heart disease risk score.

Quitting Quitting v1.0

Quitting is designed for smoking quitters. Gives you something to do while not smoking, directing your attention on the healing of your lungs.

PMS Calendar PMS Calendar v3.2

✦ Keeps history with all your sex days
✦ Keeps history with all your period days
✦ Keeps history with all your doctors appointments
✦ Call doctor from application
✦ Don't ever forget to take pill again

HQ Health Quiz HQ Health Quiz v0.21.13278.56133

The HQ Health quiz is an alternative way to access the HQ Quiz.

Nicotine Dependence Calculator Nicotine Dependence Calculator v1.0.4

Calculate dependence on nicotine.

Baby Sleep Baby Sleep v1.1

This app will (finally) get your little baby to sleep!
This app was developed by a father troubled by sleepless nights. It generates calming, soothing sounds, helping the baby sleep more soundly. You can choose three generators: Ocean Waves, Heart Beats and City Sounds. This method has been featured in medical press, i.a. Health Magazine.