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Bounce Classic FREE Bounce Classic FREE v1.2

--==O Bounce Classic Deluxe O==--
Here is the amazing and fantastic new touch version of the Bounce game from the good old mobile devices.
*** Download now, it's free! ***

Omit Orange Omit Orange v1.0.0

The evil orange figures have invaded the land of happy blue and green shapes. Remove them!

Feed the Figures Feed the Figures v1.0.0

Feed the figures in this addictive physics puzzle game where you feed different figures.

Trickie Cookie Trickie Cookie v1.1

Trickie Cookie – cupcake edition – a sweet physics puzzle game

You Have One Box You Have One Box v1.2

You Have One Box is a puzzle platformer where the goal is to drag a box around with your finger to help Bob escape each level.

QuietBall QuietBall v1.4

QuietBall - a puzzle-platformer with realistic physics

Boom Land Boom Land v1.0.5

Blow up and have fun it's easy.

Game of Drones Game of Drones v1.2

Wander through the galaxy and collect the stars without being eaten by Drones! Also play 6 mini-games!

Maze Classic Lite Maze Classic Lite v1.4

It's a simple classic labyrinth game in 3D with UNLIMITED mazes and realistic physics!

Maze Classic Maze Classic v1.4

It's a classic labyrinth game in 3D with UNLIMITED mazes and realistic physics!

Zombies Fest Zombies Fest v1.0

Be careful, when you'll gonna try this game you won't be able to stop!!

Jelly Draw Jelly Draw v1.2

It’s not a match three game; it’s a big match three game phenomenon!

BC Playground BC Playground v1.3

Bridge Constructor Playground offers people of all ages an introduction to the topic of “bridge building”. This game gives you the freedom to let your creative side run riot – nothing is impossible. Across 30 innovative levels you have to build bridges over deep valleys, canals or rivers. Following this your bridges will be subjected to a stress test to see whether they can support the weight of the cars and/or trucks which drive across them.

Maze Labyrinth Maze Labyrinth v1.2

Maze Labyrinth is a fun loving classic puzzle Maze game for every age group.
Labyrinth is one of the best and top puzzle games.

- free to play game
- 2.5D enhancing your user experience
- exciting 50 levels (more to come soon)
- auto saving scores
- automatic unlocking of levels if you complete the previous level
- runs on every phones and tablets

Tap the Box Tap the Box v1.22

A fun and relaxing physics puzzle

SlingshotPuzzle SlingshotPuzzle v2.3

In the mood for a good puzzle? How about one that will bend your mind and test your wits? Do you have what it takes to master the game, or will you be left broken and bewildered? Fire the amazing slingshot mechanism and release the ball, with the hopes of it ending up in the difficult ending zone! Let the puzzle solving begin!

BlockBoy BlockBoy v2.14

Remember the good old days of the gameboy with this action puzzle!

Veggie Dog Veggie Dog v1.31

Veggie Dog is an action Puzzle game. Player must control the dog to collect all vegetables in the farm and avoiding from farmer's sights.

Sleepy Game Sleepy Game v5.0

The Sleepy Game is a great and FUN FULL FREE GAME for your Android ™.
Developed with simple and addictive mechanic based on the table game known as "Pick-up-sticks and jackstraws.".

Tractor Crew Tractor Crew v1.0.3

Tractor Crew is the next exciting tractor game, brought to you by Kurius Games! If you enjoy games like Construction City and Traktor Digger, then you will love Tractor Crew: Operation Cleanup! Control several different tractors and trucks to clean the environment of toxic waste!
Over 100 levels!
7 tractors and trucks!
Realistic physics-based environment!
Progressively challenging levels!
HD graphics!
Kid friendly!
Built using Unity, available on multiple platforms!