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Cars and vehicles puzzle Cars and vehicles puzzle v1.1

Free car puzzles

Find Differences Find Differences v18.0

find 5 differences between 2 pictures in this free Find Differences puzzle game

Row Puzzle Row Puzzle v1.1

Row puzzle for kids free. Linear puzzle.

Chidiya Udd Chidiya Udd v1.1.0

Chidiya Udd is a fun and addictive game inspired by ages old popular indian childhood game.

Russian Dolls Russian Dolls v1.1

Collect all the matryoshkas in this new exciting puzzle game!

Pick some fruit Pick some fruit v1.0

match 3 game

BrainUpper BrainUpper v1.2.15

Wake up your brain! A puzzle game to attention training.

Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe v1.0

A great game for skillful fingers.

Guess - a huge quiz Guess - a huge quiz v1.0.25

Scratch and guess - simple!

One app - many different themes and here are some of them:
- Cities
- Soccer Clubs
- Animals
- Flowers
- Cartoons
- Cars

Puchi Pop Puchi Pop v2.1

Tap to pop the cute Puchi's and try to get the highest score! Play with friends!

Guess the picture Zen Guess the picture Zen v1.4

Guess the picture - simple and classic, yet still favorite game!

Link Me Free Link Me Free v1.0

Fascinating 3D-puzzle game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music.

Find the Similarities Find the Similarities v7.4

The "Find the Similarities" is a game with similarities differences and mysteries.

Broken Chain Broken Chain v1.01

Close the Chain!

United Centuries Free United Centuries Free v1.8

United Centuries is an entertaining application where you have to put your effort in order to keep the story-line in the right order.

Simple Kids Puzzle - Farms Simple Kids Puzzle - Farms v1.2

This is a puzzle game about farms and farm animals suitable for kids.

Детские пазлы Детские пазлы v2.0

Puzzle Zoo - Children's puzzle game.

Happy Pet Line Happy Pet Line v1.0

Philip needs YOU to help with stocktaking! Link up objects to strike them off!

Find the Differences Find the Differences v1.1

Compare the 2 images and spot five differences between them, before the time runs out!

Happy Pet House Happy Pet House v1.0.0

It's a busy day in Happy Pet Story! Every townie is having house visits right now. You, as Mayor Mojo's secretary, must take notes on whoever entered the house! Happy Pet House pits your memory skills against the townies' quick-running legs!

Keep track of who entered the house and select the correct answer! Train your memory and be the next memory master!

Happy Pet House is the fourth mini-game launched under Happy Pet Project. Other games include Happy Pet Story, Find, Spot, Balance.