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RockStar RockStar v1.0.2

RockStar is a beat game of new concept that we tap touch box in fun rhythm.

Kids Music Kids Music v3.23

Xylophone, Drums, Guitars, Trumpets, Flutes, Saxophone, Bells and many many more instruments

Flutus Flutus v3.1

Move left or right to dodge the ongoing wave of the music spectrum!
Play premade levels, your musicfile levels and Youtube levels!

Music Instruments:Kids Music Instruments:Kids v1.2

Teach your child making music, playing music instruments is great fun for kids.

SoundTrack SoundTrack v1.0

Soundtracks & TV series music game
Challenge friends & players around the world

Rhytmix Rhytmix v1.0

Try to repeat rhythms hand drums of nations around the world!

DanceMachine-BeatTheMusic DanceMachine-BeatTheMusic v2.1

Arcade music game with rhythm on hip hop disco rap party dubstep break dance.

Soundix Soundix v5

Have you got a nice hearing and good memory? Time to make sure that no..

Music Hero Music Hero v1.2

Improve your music skills, play Music Hero with your own music & feel the rhythm. It's the best guitar hero styled game ever!

Keep It Straight Keep It Straight v1.0

Keep your line straight by hitting the right notes at the right time!

Little Ninja Little Ninja v1.2

Show little ninjas how to dance!

Tyrion's Winter Tyrion's Winter v1.0

A musical rhythm game where you play as Tyrion defending the land, personally.

Color Vibes Color Vibes v1.03

Color Vibes is a fast paced game in which music is created as you play it.

MusicNotes MusicNotes v1.2

Music Notes for Kids is an useful app for Kids and they can learning different music notes in easy and joyful way.

iDaft iDaft v2.7.5

iDaft Jamming is a tribute to Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, "Technologic" and "Robot Rock"
Try the addictive game Beat Box where you jump to the beat of Robot Rock to avoid the obstacles!

Sampler Sampler v2.0

Sampler - a Music-Driven Game

Christmas Carols Piano Christmas Carols Piano v20141213

123 Christmas Carols Piano is easy and fun game that will teach you how to play Christmas Carols on a piano. It will not only show you which keys to press, but will indicate tempo so that eventually you learn to play each melody correctly.

Tap Music Tap Music v1.1

Tap Music is a music composing app now anyone can compose music in simple steps.For more technical minded composer Advance Option got a big world of possibilities.

Tip Tap Tune Tip Tap Tune v1.4

A simple but powerful matrix styled music composer, beatifully designed.

Interval Free Interval Free v1.8

A game to test your musical skill.