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MaxMem - SuperCar MaxMem - SuperCar v4.07

Memory game with picture of Super Cars

Darkmoor Manor Darkmoor Manor v1.4.0

Solve puzzles and search for clues to escape from Darkmoor Manor.

Omoshiroi Omoshiroi v1.5

Omoshiroi Spot the Difference is not your average spot the difference game.

Mysterious Room Mysterious Room v1.2

The hidden object game lovers. One more app for you,Absolutely free! Search the objects hidden in all the rooms.Objects are displayed on at the bottom of the screen, you need to find and tap on them.Beat your best time and play more.

Elements Elements v1.0.12

Discover Elements ! A brain challenging, addictive puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !

The goal of the game is simple. Move the various elements to their matching elements. Select the elements and drag them in the direction you want them to go.

With Elements, you can play with the Taoist basic elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth.

Darkmoor Manor Darkmoor Manor v1.4.0

Solve puzzles and search for clues to escape from Darkmoor Manor.

Hidden Objects Hidden Objects v1.6

The hidden object game lovers. One more app for you,Absolutely free! The different objects are hidden in the stunning images.Explore the scenes and seek the objects hidden in the images. Beat your best time and play more.

Ghost Match Free Ghost Match Free v1.0.1

A challenge for the mind with a gameplay that everyone can enjoy! Now FREE!

Cleaning Room Cleaning Room v1.03

Your family just bought a new apartment with beautiful and luxurious furniture and a dream kitchen. However, when moving furniture into the new house, everything seemed pretty much undisturbed, they aren't in right positions, the living room is flooded by luggage, the kitchen was filled with food and inappropriate decorations.

Mystery Castle Mystery Castle v1.05

Let’s start the adventure to the mystery castle on the hill. This is an ancient castle, belongs to a rich earl family who have been living in another place for many years. This castle is very old and clutter, everything isn't in its right place. You have to find some objects hidden in the castle to continue your adventure by clicking at the objects in the room.

MysteryLandHiddenObject MysteryLandHiddenObject v1.1

A 2nd mystery hidden object point and then click on object to find.

Facility47 Facility47 v1.0.1

A journey through an isolated research facility in the Antarctic.

The Hunt for Red Panda The Hunt for Red Panda v1.0

Embark on an epic pursuit of a villain who vandalizes famous masterpieces!

Buccaneers Quest Buccaneers Quest v2.0

Help the buccaneer finding the right path to the treasure!

Hidden Object Hidden Object v1.0.7

Will you find all the hidden objects?

Hidden Object is a free game in which your seek and find skills will be challenged like never before!

The game principle is simple: Find a series of hidden objects in a scene! Various objects and environments are available allowing you to replay a scene several times in different configurations!

MysteryLandHiddenObject MysteryLandHiddenObject v1.2

A mystery hidden object point and then click on object to find.It might be puzzle you and adventure.Lots of items with multiple levels.

Guess It Guess It v3.9.1

Guess It
This is a mental exercise game, according to the results of the stages, players need to determine the next object combination.
1. For the first round, you have to choose the items randomly;
2. According to the result, you will be able to make a decision about the next round's layout.
3. Round by round, you will be able to be closer to the final result.

To play this game, you have to be very patient and think the layout logically.

Hide n Seek (free) Hide n Seek (free) v1.1

Catch me if you can...!
Hide & Seek is a simple, fun game!
The objective of the game is to seek out the hidden enemy. The game begins with a grid of tiles on the screen.
To win you have to seek the hidden enemy behind the tile.

Jungle Raccoon Jungle Raccoon v1.00

Finally, you also visit the most beautiful jungle in the world. There are lots of cute and beautiful raccoon and other animals with green trees and colorful flowers. After visiting the jungle, you have to find a way to come back out. However, dense trees and misplaced objects make it difficult to take the right direction. Let's find hidden raccoon and other objects to find the way easier. You will have to pass 12 levels with 3 different game modes to win this game.

Can You Escape Game Can You Escape Game v1.3

The goal of this game is to get out of each room. To do it, you have to find out the hidden objects and solve the multiple mini puzzles, combine the pieces and discover the codes. See for yourself if you can finish all levels in this exciting and fun puzzle game.