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KeyChord KeyChord v2.18

The dynamic dictionary/reference app for piano chords and scales!

Last Flower Last Flower v1.1.1

Protect the last flower from dangerous enemies and save the planet!

Star&ShellFull Star&ShellFull v1.0

Compatible with any screen size and with NO LOADING TIMES

Symmetrix Symmetrix v0.9.1

A minimalistic arcade game. Avoid the obstacles as long as possible.

Capital Map Flag Capital Map Flag v0.0.2

Capital Map Flag - Educational geography game. Test your knowledge and challenge your memory.

Jelly Crush Blitz Jelly Crush Blitz v1

Jelly Crush Blitz is color matching at its finest. Tap as many of the featured jelly as possible for as long as you can!

Menu Helper UK - LightSYS2 Menu Helper UK - LightSYS2 v1.0

LightSYS2 Menu Helper

Wild Walt Wild Walt v1.0.1

Meet Walt and his crazy ideas!
Tap and hold to run the machine for appropriate time.
Go over blocks.
Be the best.

Noname Yonsa Noname Yonsa v1.4.4

Noname Yonsa is about Story of unknown soldier to be king for saving princess
This game is Old school Arcade type RPG with retro pixel graphic.
Tap as many of Fighter's Block as possible for as long as you can for victory.

The Pixel Hero: Archercraft The Pixel Hero: Archercraft v1.0.3.1

The Pixel Hero: Archercraft is a 2D archery game with retro pixel graphics. Climb a tree and defend it and yourself shooting monsters with your bow! Collect gold to buy new arrows and find new powerful bows! Choose an arrow wisely - don't try to break armor with a regular arrow or kill a fire-breathing dragon with a fire arrow.

Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds v1.0

Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds. Learning animals is easy! Now 27 Animals!

Balance Cross Balance Cross v1.0

Gravity Way of Games

Alien Shipwreck Alien Shipwreck v1.02

Text adventure ... sequel to Weird Island. Help a shipwrecked alien!

Capture The Mermaid Capture The Mermaid v1.3

In the deep, sea palace, there lived such a group of human beings, they are beautiful fish, soft long hair, has a beautiful dance Whenever she song with her beautiful voice, everyone envied her.. Today, our task is to capture the mermaid,Only in the last room there may be a mermaid, Let's go!!!

Hedgie Ball Hedgie Ball v1.0

Help Hedgie to build a path to get his favorite ice cream.

Water Splash Pong Water Splash Pong v1.1.0

Water Splash Pong is a new arcade game in a funny retro style.

106 FreeCell 106 FreeCell v1.0.9

FreeCell game verified of tremendous addiction!!
FreeCell is the memorable game that you used to enjoy through the windows.
Let your mind off from everything else and become mesmerized by the excitement provided by FreeCell~
The best game amongst current FreeCell games that are either free of cost or charged awaits you.

Aardvark Pedometer Plus Aardvark Pedometer Plus v1.1plus

Very accurate pedometer with Bluetooth heart rate monitor support. Works on devices with or without step counters. No subscription fees. No ads.

iFishing Lite iFishing Lite v6.7

The best fishing game for Android!

Deal or Risk Deal or Risk v2.1

Do you want to be rich...
...then this game is for you!