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8-bit banana 8-bit banana v1.0

Each monkey wants to be higher then other monkeys and collect all the bananas. Become a leader of the pack and show your skills on the climbing palms.

Asteroids Asteroids v1.1.3

Arcade shooter Dendy « Asteroids " found expression in a whole new Android

Ant Adventure Game Ant Adventure Game v1.0

A Platformer Action Adventure Game about a Brave Ant

Galaia Galaia v1.0

Go your way through danger in this color-changing infinity runner!
Push your skills to the limit as you avoid obstacles in a world that changes as you move.

TheCakeEscape TheCakeEscape v1.1.6

You can escape the room if you can make cake.

Dirty Fight Dirty Fight v1.2

Dirty Fight is a Kung Fu combat fighting competition game with points it has new powerful characters to choose from ,Experience action fast and furious street type of fight for free and enjoy huge list of battle for fun dirty fight is one of 2016 games and offline games you can play it offline

Star Hunt Star Hunt v1.2

Join the hunt for the next habitable star system!

Ginasta Ginasta v1.02

Try to survive this sport!

ChiNoty ChiNoty v1.0.6.1

Chinoty is an app that allows you to transform your status bar to ios style one without root access... NOTE!! this app will be paid one after 1 days !

Turret Defence Turret Defence v1.0

Explode cubes! Use Power-Ups! How long can you hang on!

Instinct Puzzle Instinct Puzzle v2.3.3

Collect Instinct Puzzle

Monitor Monitor v1.0

make tow android devices as a cached hotspot camera and a video life stream wifi receiver.

Dizzy Chef Dizzy Chef v1.03

Dizzy Chef can not find his clock.
Please help chef finish cooking.

Climbing ivy Climbing ivy v1.02

Climbing Ivy - an unusual logic game with unique gameplay!

Popper Pal Popper Pal v1.0.1

Pop em' if you got em' .

Simple Racing3 Simple Racing3 v1.0

Are you the next GREATEST pilot on Earth? Play Simple Racing 3 to disover it!
Race on over 20 unique tracks to become the best driver in the world!
Win every track on SINGLE EVENT or go for the CHAMPIONSHIP mode!

Happy Resturant Happy Resturant v1.4

Happy Restaurant is a business simulation game which runs on tactics. With your wisdom,you make it become bigger and richer,bring spectacular traffic and huge revenue.
You are the boss of the restaurant,you don't need to do everything by yourself,you just hire people and make decisions. Staff will follow your order and work together to run business everyday!

Saiko+ Saiko+ v1.9.5

Saiko+ is a fun social app for Anime, Comic, Game and Cosplay fans worldwide!

Things and Biscuits Things and Biscuits v1.0

things and biscuits is a puzzle game, the goal is to push the biscuits until they reach a thing!!

Tik Tak Tumble Tik Tak Tumble v1.34.1

An Awesome 3D Stack & Match Game with a Tic-Tac-Toe Twist!