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Hidden Object - Summer Garden Hidden Object - Summer Garden v1.0.13

Have some fun in the (virtual) summer sun!

Painting cells Painting cells v4

Painting cells is a game specially designed for young children as it stimulates their creativity. Choose one of the cells color and start enjoying painting.
This app is so easy, only touch the screen and start painting

Iron Snout Iron Snout v1.0.5

Pig-based beat'em up

Teeth Fixed Teeth Fixed v1.0

Ever wondered while waiting in a dentist’s office what it would be like to be one yourself?

HelloCorn HelloCorn v2.0

Hello Corn is a strategy puzzle game which focuses on connecting chains of corns, with four beautiful themes and over 100 gorgeously designed levels.

Words Game Words Game v1.0

Guess The Word is an educational purpose application with some fun. There are mixed words you can find correct word.

Perfect Kick Perfect Kick v1.3.2

Put your striking skills to the test in Perfect Kick! Think you’re the best at penalties in football (soccer)? Put it to the test against other players from all around the world in this ultimate online shootout game!

Trax Fruit Slot Machine Trax Fruit Slot Machine v1.7.0

Can you complete the TRAX Fun FREE slot fruit machine with many features.

Fast Clean Fast Clean v3.1.0

Efficient cleaning cache and memory depth cleaning residues directory.

Coin oracle - I Ching Coin oracle - I Ching v1.0.31

By using this application you can have the answer to all the questions that worries and thrills you. And also the replies to the questions that you want to know beforehand.

Mathomade Mathomade v1.1

Mathomade is a challenging and addictive math game.

Car Girl Dress Up Car Girl Dress Up v1.0

Fashion and cars are many times hand in hand and both have special shows to present the new trends.

Water Fairy Princess Water Fairy Princess v1.0

Let's take a bow from river to the ocean and meet another magic girl, one that lives among the waves: a gorgeous angel girl- Water Fairy Princess!

Battle Project Battle Project v1.0

New sci-fi action shooter for smartphones with fun and original gameplay.

Pixel Pop: Adventure Pixel Pop: Adventure v1.0.2

Fast Paced Fun with your Fingers. It's a Bubble Bashing Extravaganza!!

HiShob HiShob v1.0.4

This application keeps expense and track for who owes whom with balance sheet opening balance and backup functionality.

Contrast Contrast v1.0.1

Tap on tiles with unusual colors.

GoateenFree GoateenFree v1.0.0

Goat fights enemies during his journey. Playable for babies, kids and adults.

Coloriz Coloriz v1.19

Think your brain isn't working at 100%?
Try to complete Coloriz!


Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) was originally developed by Zigmond and Snaith (1983) and is commonly used to determine the levels of anxiety and depressiong.

The HADS is a fourteen item scale. Seven of the items relate to anxiety and seven relate to depression.

Each item on the questionnaire is scored from 0-3 and this means that a person can score between 0 and 21 for either anxiety or depression.