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Crosswords II Crosswords II v1.0.21

Over 1700 crossword puzzles in a mix of easy, quick and cryptic.

Chuzzle Rescue Chuzzle Rescue v1.1

Chuzzle Rescue game is entertaining and puzzle based. In the chuzzle rescue game you have to rescue chuzzles but it’s not fighting and running based game.

Incend Incend v1.0.4

Inspired by Chinese Triad movies, Incend is an action-packed side scrolling shooter with innovative gameplay. The game has 5 uniquely designed stages, 2 concise training missions, and a tuned bonus mode that never ends.

Balls Balance Balls Balance v1.1

Don't disturb the balance! No matter what!

CoolRSS CoolRSS v1.1

CoolRSS - RSS Feed Reader

SOS Me SOS Me v1.0

SOSMe simple but essential to advise their people potential emergency program.

Bird Savior Bird Savior v1.01

Have you ever wanted to free caged birds? Here is a chance to be a BIRD SAVIOR?
Help rescue every caged-bird in the forest.
You can jump high or super slide to avoid obstacles. Fun game with super strong savior of birds, mind-blowing forest scenes, unseen obstacles and super engaging game-play.

Color Board Color Board v1.0

Are you ready for some logic challenge?
Test your skills on color board!

BreakOut! BreakOut! v1.0

- Beautiful HD graphics!
- Powerups
- Lots of challenging levels

Monster Forest Monster Forest v0.8

Monster Forest is a defense game to prevent the attack of contaminated forest. This game can be enjoyed by anyone.

Pretty Pets Pretty Pets v1.4.5

Get ready for the Holiday with Pretty Pets: Xmas!

Pretty Pets: Xmas is a cute, family friendly app, where you’ll get a free gift everyday, even after Christmas!

Bite Bite Mosquito Bite Bite Mosquito v1.01

Fly a mosquito around and bite people. Avoid the bug zappers.

Pixelium Planoid Shooter Pixelium Planoid Shooter v1.1.32

'Pixelium Planoid Shooter' is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up bullet hell old school arcade style game with loads of fun. Boom the space with you're space ship while you battle with different enemies. Lots of bosses and their followers to battle with.

Star Girl Star Girl v3.6

Star Girl puts you in the high heels of an aspiring celebrity who is setting out to build her career as a superstar while having a ton of fun along the way!

Pipelines 3D Pipelines 3D v1.1

Connect pipes with the same color: fill up the entire cube to solve the puzzle.

Lucky Seven Lucky Seven v1.1

Lucky Seven Slot Machine. This is a slot machine simulator.

Poodle Jump Poodle Jump v1.0

You are a happy little poodle who likes to jump and jump and jump for treats.

Luxy Luxy v1.3.5.2390

Luxy - Millionaire matchmaker app dating the rich, wealthy & beautiful people.

Peace Camera Peace Camera v1.0.0

"Peace Camera" is a camera app that we can use safely in case 'we worry about the flash sounds and we don’t want to leave the privacy information such as the location, date and time'.

Calypso Cash Casino Slots Calypso Cash Casino Slots v1.06