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Kaboom Kaboom v1.1

Kaboom is a fun Mathematical puzzle game for all ages which provides hours of entertainment.

1000Fishing 1000Fishing v1.0.2

1000 Fishing is a casual single-player game, combining four play modes: fishing, jewel-collecting, pet-raising and character-upgrading. The player can control his/her own cannon, having fun fishing in the deep sea, and earning from harvest.

Children Book - English II Children Book - English II v1.1

Children Book - English II: learning alphabets, numbers, jobs, electronics

Butterfly Live Wallpaper Butterfly Live Wallpaper v1.0

The live wallpaper, with beautiful particle effect and the light spots give the whole picture an elegant beauty. Many little butterflies are flying around the big golden butterfly.

EggDrop EggDrop v1.1.6

Catch falling eggs in your basket by swiping just one finger! Simple addictive arcade.

Notification Manager Notification Manager v1.0

Notification Manager allows you to classify events by importance defined by you and let you organize notifications from people and apps so you review what is important in a glance.

Dig Dash Mania Dig Dash Mania v1.02

Dig to incredible depths in this fantastic adventure. Guide Digger through a colorful labyrinth of ever shifting caverns. Collect valuable gems and critical air supplies along your journey as you navigate to the bottom! A digtastic adventure filled with ground shaking excitement!

Impossible Football Challenge Impossible Football Challenge v1.00

Football fans get ready to experience an impossible challenge to score 100 goals in this simple, yet addictively difficult game!

eggJump eggJump vv0.0.1

Egg Jump is a puzzle and adventure game with a jump-style.
The Egg which in the hatch time careless fall down to the earth. For together with its family, just jump with your finger to bring the cute Egg to the amazing back home journey!

Bounce Classic FREE Bounce Classic FREE v1.2

--==O Bounce Classic Deluxe O==--
Here is the amazing and fantastic new touch version of the Bounce game from the good old mobile devices.
*** Download now, it's free! ***

Insurance Agent Insurance Agent v1.0

Insurance Agent (PRO) is a virtual assistant for Insurance professionals. It handles all the information needed for developing a strong Insurance database. Keep up to date detailed info about your clients, products (Insurance policies), Insurance Companies (Carriers) and important Contacts.

Monster Truck Monster Truck v1.0

From the makers of popular Dark Runner series, Doodle Car and BasketBall 3D, comes yet another entertaining game Monster Truck Extreme Dash! Tighten your seat belt and gear up for some extreme racing and more than 60 missions to accomplish.

Monster Whacker Monster Whacker v1.1

Whack the zombies before they get you!!!!

SpiderMonkeyy SpiderMonkeyy v1.0

A fun game using 2d physics to jump from a building to another. Pick stars and others stuff, and don't forget to complete the level in the time ! Be careful of missils, and use planes to move faster... You even can do much more... Ready to go ? ;)

30 Second Charades 30 Second Charades v1.6

Fast paced intense game of charades bound to keep users entertained for hours!!!

Texas Holdem Poker Awesome Texas Holdem Poker Awesome v1.1.1

Most popular poker game in the world. Full Facebook compatibility and complete with 10 million players from all of the world. Join now and earn $100000 free chips for free!

Hungry Ants Hungry Ants v1.1

Game about the hungry ants.

Entrepnr Entrepnr v1.0

Entrepnr is a mobile social network where entrepreneurs, small-business owners and startups can create a profile, explore their community, share ideas and make connections across Asia.

Adam The Bunny Adam The Bunny v1.0

Jump bunny, jump!

20 Levels. Each Level has 10 rounds.
You have only a short period of time to make the necessary amount of jumps for each round.
Good luck!

Codecoax Codecoax v1.0

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the most demanding course now a days. A student or researcher must have GRE certificate to pursue higher study in USA. Reading Comprehension the most tough part of the GRE and practice is the only technique which make this part very easy. Consequently, this app help user to practice GRE RC in his/her own smartphone.