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Shapes Attack! Shapes Attack! v1.0.0

Don't let the shapes get inside of the pipe. That is your challenge on Shapes Attack!

Alien Rolling Free Alien Rolling Free v1.0

Roll and roll! Control your alien, get the points, and unlock his alien friends!

Don the Jumper Don the Jumper v1.0

Help Don jump those platforms in New York ? Leap or Hop from one platform to another or Don will drop down towards NY streets. How far can Don go ? Its a difficult task so don't give up if you cant make it to 150 platform.

Tankies 3 GAME Tankies 3 GAME v2.0.2

If you like this kind of game, it will give pleasure to you over and over again.

Drivee: Zombies Ahead Drivee: Zombies Ahead v1.1

Awesome free game full of cars, zombies and funny pedestrians.

Tankies 1 Tut BASIS Tankies 1 Tut BASIS v2.0.2

Learn the basics! Short download - NO permissions at all.

Chaos and Mayhem Demo Chaos and Mayhem Demo v1.1.0

Chaos and Mayhem is an addictive puzzle game. The gameplay is easy to learn so it is suitable for kids and adults. Your mission is to get the red vehicle out of the puzzle.

Cartoon Car Parking Cartoon Car Parking v1.0

Test your driving skills in Cartoon Car Parking!

Muestras Gratis Muestras Gratis v1.2

Application where you will see the free samples offered by brands.

Color Run Color Run v1.0

Color Run is a beautiful and minimalist Brain training Game.

Neon Breaker Neon Breaker v1.0.0

Downloading Neon Breaker onto your mobile, you’ll rediscovering the fun with this great brick-breaker game!

Bar Dice Bar Dice v3.1

"Bar Dice" is a highly immersive dice game.

Catch A Dot!! Catch A Dot!! v1.0

This is a simple game with a little bit of strategy. You have to trap the blue dot within the matrix of orange dots.
Confused..?? Just tap on empty dot to place a orange dot and try to catch the blue dot.
But the Blue dot is no regular dot, indeed it's a smart dot.
So plan your moves ahead and try to capture the blue dot.
Life is short. Play more!!

6 Lines 6 Lines v1.0

6 Lines is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.
It gives something to your brain, SWEET to chew on! If you want to test your IQ and enjoy endlessly,
6 Lines is Simple yet Addictive, Addictive puzzle meant for you.
How to play:
- Connect a flow from Green Dot to Red Dot at exact 6 Lines and create a flow
- Just watch time out for each flow
* Unique Concept
* Mind Relaxing sounds
* Smooth, polished touch interaction.

Walls Pro Walls Pro v1.0.0

Walls is a mind bobbling, new but old school feel game. ready to test even the best gamers nerves! Can you avoid the WALLS!

Puzzles HD Puzzles HD v1.0

A lot of beautiful HD puzzles. 10 difficulty levels. Use your own pictures from gallery or take a photo.

Goal Football Manager Goal Football Manager v3.2.0

Are you ready for the Championship? Play GOAL Football Manager!

Basketball Pro 3D Basketball Pro 3D v1.0

Basketball Pro 3D is the latest of arcade games loaded with realistic graphics,addictive gameplay and exciting bonuses!

Bingo Bingo v1.0.5

The best bingo on a simple way, offline and totally free.

ZUI Locker ZUI Locker v1.1.4

A simple, elegant screen locker!