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Phone Finder Ad Phone Finder Ad v3.0

How many times you have mis-placed your smart-phone and you try to call the number and hear the sound coming from to retrieve it. What if the smart-phone is set to silent mode or low volume at the point you mis-place? When you call the number you can barely hear it coming from the smart-phone leading to a long search time before you finally found it.

Photo Contact Ad Photo Contact Ad v1.0

This is a widget app. It will help your kids to call you visually. The widget will show your contact photo and then a tap will bring the dialer for your kids to call to you. Kids identify visually much better than using the default contact app to look for parents numbers to dial out.

Mileage Log Ad Mileage Log Ad v2.0

Some users can claim car mileage expenses from their company due to their job nature. This app provide a convenience and fast way to log their mileage each time they go to a location for some specific purpose office related.

Gift Manage Ad Gift Manage Ad v2.0

Do you have a family tradition to give gifts to your relatives and friends for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year or birthdays etc?

Housekeep Files Ad Housekeep Files Ad v2.0

For some people who want to do simple housekeep of deleting un-wanted files in your sd-card mass volume based on files are how old, this app is to serve that need.

Diff Vibrator Ad Diff Vibrator Ad v2.0

When we are in nightclub or pub or public events gathering, even if we set our smart-phone volume to highest it is unlikely we can hear when a phone call or SMS come in. Hence most people put to vibrate mode so when it vibrate in our trousers pocket we know a phone call or SMS has come in.

File Finder Ad File Finder Ad v2.0

Ever come across a situation when you need to search for a keyword among many text files in some folders? This app is to serve that need.

Carpenter Aid Ad Carpenter Aid Ad v5.0

This app provides a feature that some carpenters or those in the wood log industry may need. Given a log, how many different dimension rectangular board size can be 'get' out from it. By varying the dimension size and quantity, the most optimal number of boards can be determined from the log without too much wastage.

Contact Collector Ad Contact Collector Ad v2.0

This app is to serve some people who need an efficient way to collect very basic contact information from a lot of users in a given time span. Their contact information are NOT to be saved into the Contacts app.

Battery Charged Alert Ad Battery Charged Alert Ad v5.0

For ppl who are still paranoid about over-charging their smart-phone battery (which is highly unlikely), this app allow you to trigger a ringtone alarm when say battery reach 50%-100%. This alert you when the charge is completed.

ITU Job- and Projectbank ITU Job- and Projectbank v1.0

Find jobs, while you're on the move.

With the new ITU Job- and Projectbank app, you get access to jobs, that are specifically relevant for students and graduates from IT University of Copenhagen.

/du:/ /du:/ v3.13

/du:/ is a clean, sleek and simple task and ToDo list management app with support for location based reminders and integration with your favorite Calendar app.

/du:/ free /du:/ free v3.12

Clean, sleek and simple task and ToDo list with location based reminders and integration with your favorite Calendar app.

Mobile Flipchart Mobile Flipchart v1.5

Mobile Flipchart – Preview Version
The Preview Version of Mobile Flipchart contains the basic drawing functions. Draw on a virtual flipchart drawing board and save your drawings in a special Mobile Flipchart data type. By the use of this data type, drawings can be loaded at any time as an aggregation of individual objects.For that reason, you can modify single objects at a later date.

Recorder Recorder v1.4

Use the microphone of your smartphone or tablet and record any sound in two of the most used formats, 3gp and mp3. Try it ;)

Read Fast Read Fast v1.0.3

Reading fast is now possible. Try uploading a text file from your device and see how fast you can read the content. Time yourself if you want to test your progress.

Pick For Me Pick For Me v1.2

Have trouble picking something? Let Pick For Me make the choice instead.

Proof Recorder Proof Recorder v1.8

Secretly record audio 24/7 in the background.

Note Note v4.2100.01

Memorize and capture every wonderful moments in your life!

Vektoria Vektoria v1.2

Vektoria is a mobile image viewer and converter displaying Scalable Vector Graphics files. Application works with both SVG and SVGZ files, converts SVG into PNG graphics, extracts SVG metadata and transforms images into data URLs.