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Boogies: Learn Colors Boogies: Learn Colors v1.1

Learning game for small children: learn colors together with Boogies - fun little funny sounds making creatures!

Learn Professions Learn Professions v1.0

Learn professions (educational game for kids)

UlpeKidsLiteEs UlpeKidsLiteEs v1.0

Ulpe Kids, es una aplicación educativa, orientada en el aprendizaje natural de las cosas y principalmente, del lenguaje.

Los niños, como todos, iniciamos nuestro aprendizaje al ver las cosas y escuchar como las llaman a nuestro alrededor. Así es como cada niño aprende el idioma que hablan los adultos a su alrededor, así sea un solo idioma o varios.

How do I feel? (free) How do I feel? (free) v2

Learning app for small children - learn emotions and express how you feel!

LSubs LSubs v2.4.5

LSubs will help you to learn or improve most of common languages.

Baby Paint Baby Paint v1.20

Baby Paint is a coloring and painting app specially created for kids.

Animal Voices Animal Voices v5.1

Fun and educational game for small children. Learn animals by their voices!

Mochu Sky Ranger Mochu Sky Ranger v1.0.2

Learn English, Spanish, French and Italian

Mochu Adventures Mochu Adventures v1.0.8

Language Learning for Toddlers and Preschoolers

MoreOrLess MoreOrLess v1.0

В этой веселой игре малыш узнает что больше,а что меньше.

LearningColors LearningColors v1.0

Learn colors in Russian by playing

AzbukaAnimals AzbukaAnimals v1.0

Learn Russian alphabet and learn about the animals during the game

All-In-One Kids Learning All-In-One Kids Learning v2.0.0.0

This is the most educational learning game for Kindergarten and Pre-school Kids

تعليم جدول الضرب تعليم جدول الضرب v1.0

برنامج تعليم جدول الضرب للأطفال بشكل سهل جدا
مميزات البرنامج
1- عرض جدول الضرب لكل جدول على حدة لسهولة الحفظ
2- عرض الجدول الشامل لجميع الجداول من جدول 2 الى جدول 10
3- تمارين و اختبار لكل جدول على حدة
4- تمارين و اختبار شاملة لجميع الجدوال
5- عرض عدد الاجابات الصحيحة وعدد الاجابات الخاطئة

Aquapo PooPoo Aquapo PooPoo v3.5

AQUAPO POO POO is for young children who have a hard time getting used to the potty.

Piano ABC Piano ABC v1.1

The musical alphabet,
simple games for learning the alphabet.

My english alphabet. Kids playground My english alphabet. Kids playground v1.0.2

Learning Letters is fun and easy with My English Alphabet. Kids Playground

ViOlympic Math ViOlympic Math v1.3

Math for kid 1 2 3

Mochu Builds Treehouses Mochu Builds Treehouses v1.0.9

Language Immersion for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Shape Puzzles Shape Puzzles v1.2

Solve puzzles with basic shapes, easy to use & learn, designed for kids.