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Falling Max Falling Max v1.3.3

Introducing: Falling Max Beta!
Join us in an epic journey through an endless fall, where you may encounter fruits, powerups, and the posibility to customize max, challenge your friends to beat your highest score!

Car Speed Booster Car Speed Booster v1.0

Touch the Boost Button To speed up your cool car

Freaky Dragon Freaky Dragon v1.0

A cute action packed endless runner game. Fly around and enjoy the adventure with Freaky Dragon.

Fire Shooting Game Fire Shooting Game v1.0

A shooting game where the games has destroy the targets within time

Trapped Inside Trapped Inside v1.2.0

Survive as long as you can.

Star Hunter Star Hunter v1.0

Star Hunter is a fun and addictive infinite runner! You have to hunt the gold, silver and bronze stars to increase your score. Unlock the 8 beatiful scenes!

Stickman Escape Stickman Escape v2.0.0

Tap the screen to jump, tap again for double jump.

Occulus Occulus v1.1.1

The spinning blocks are headed your way and fast. Avoid them with lightning fast reactions and survive the spherical madness for as long as possible.

I See Me I See Me v1.2

See yourself through the eyes of another

Tizzy vs the Aliens Tizzy vs the Aliens v1.0

Help Tizzy the egg shaped hero escape from the alien spaceship

Avoid It ! Avoid It ! v1.0

Ball which avoid the rocks , in this game you must be careful , good luck

Panfur's Endless Fall Panfur's Endless Fall v2.0

(No Ads)Help Panfur make it through the dangerous city to get home. The more you click the higher he goes. Try to time it just right and get Panfur on to each rooftop. This is our first game app, look to more(better) apps soon. Twitter and Facebook share buttons will work soon.
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Killer Boat Killer Boat v1.0.0

Shoot your enemy boats.

Last Runner Last Runner v1.3.4

Run the last run to save the planet. A 2D endless runner through different lands in Earth.

Panfur's Endless Fall Panfur's Endless Fall v1

Quickly move Panfur to the left or right to get him to the bottom

Fluffy Hero Fluffy Hero v1.0

How far can you go in this all new and exciting runner game? Play it now and compete with your friends!

Dart Board Dart Board v1.0.8

This game's goal is to hit the center of dartboard with dart.

Pig Run Pig Run v1.0

Pig Run is a fun and addictive action game controlled by your phone gravity sensor.

Busy Beavers Busy Beavers v1.1.0

Busy Beavers is a Frogger-like game where you help Mr. Beaver cross the river to collect logs for his dam.

Kamikazes Kamikazes v1.09

A fast-pace shooting game resembling 1942 / 1943, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Astrosmash.

Defend your aircraft carrier from the endless supply of Kamikaze planes determined to sink you and your allies into the watery depths of the ocean. Take on the Kamikazes in a Hellcat. Action like you have never seen before. 98% Historically accurate combat.