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Dino Digger Dino Digger v2.0.5

Dig up dinosaur bones, build them into interactive 3D skeletons, and bring your dino bones to life!

Anatomy Game Anatomy Game v1.0.5

Explore the human body system while you are playing.

Muscular Muscular v1.0.4

Try Muscular Anatomy Game that is one of the most important parts of the Human Anatomy Game Application.

Time Traveler Time Traveler v1.0

Retrieve objects lost in time!

Brain Games Brain Games v1.2.0

Who has the biggest brain? Get your brain in shape with a bunch of cool teasers! It's simple, fast and relaxing - just hit play to start the game.

Brain Games 2 Brain Games 2 v1.2.2

Are you able to beat the newest high score? Test your brain skills on your mobile! It's simple, fast and relaxing - just hit play to start the game. Just Play: Brain Game 2 provides hours of entertainment and an amazing opportunity to show your brilliant mind in action. Practice makes it perfect!

Shuffle Match for Kids Shuffle Match for Kids v1.0

Fun memory matching for all aged kids

Kids Transport Puzzle Free (Smartphones) Kids Transport Puzzle Free (Smartphones) v1.1.1

Honorable Mentions in Best App Ever Awards 2013

Every parent try hard to make their child familiar to the transport system. Now the task has become easier with this new application. Your child will learn the transport system while playing. This unique application will keep your child hooked for hours.

Кэтландия Кэтландия v1.2.2

The playful adventure is waiting for you! Try to find the kitties hidden everywhere and then match them in pairs. Look thoughtfully, as they like to hide. The kitties don’t like to play alone, so find them a pair. You will surely make friends with these frisky woobies, who so want to play with you!

Kids Maze Abc Kids Maze Abc v1.1

***The Cute Desert Fox, Vito's Intricate Maze-Exploration! ***
***You can learn English words of animals with 26 alphabets!***

Math Effect Math Effect v1.7

-= About =-
Math Effect is a Speed Math game for everyone who enjoys mathematics. Those brave who want to be in a good shape, which boldly wants to calculate rapidly with no paper on behalf.

Duckie Deck Duckie Deck v1.17

Beautiful Learning Games for your Toddler - Totally ad & in-app free!

Kings of Mathematics Kings of Mathematics v1.02

Improve yourself by playing with the King of mathematics!

Those Numbers 3 Those Numbers 3 v2

Practice basic arithmetic operations in an entertaining and challenging way in the third part of popular Math game Those Numbers!

Sheepless Nights Sheepless Nights v2.7.1

"Sheepless Nights -The Fun Way to Test Your Mathematical Skills!" - AskYourAndroid
"Let your kids study math easy with this relaxing game" - AppEggs

This game doesn't feature any outgoing links, in-game shopping and annoying advertisements. It is safe for kids!

Currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Polish.

Campfire Stories Campfire Stories v1.0.1

Enjoy creepy stories of horror in the Scary Halloween Campfire Stories for Kids.

Gaspard Gaspard v1.3

Un dessin animé interactif, ludique et éducatif avec la voix de Lorànt Deutsch.

Стихи для малышей Стихи для малышей v1.06

Развивающая игра для обучения малыша детским стихам русских авторов

The Witch and the Christmas Spirit The Witch and the Christmas Spirit v3.1.0

"The Witch and the Christmas Spirit" is a subtle blend of stories, games and cartoons.

Discover --- or rediscover --- "The Witch with No Name" in a new interactive adventure full of emotion and magic.

Just like every year on the same date, the witch is in the middle of getting ready for Halloween, when suddenly her crystalballophone rings.
It’s her friend Peepo the elf asking her to go and join him right away at Santa Claus’s.

Code Adventures Code Adventures v1.0

Take your exciting first steps in the world of programming!