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Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.

CoachMe Football Edition Lite CoachMe Football Edition Lite v1.2

Football season is upon us! And for those of you involved in coaching this great sport we have just the app to help you out. Regardless what kind of coach you are, assistant coach or head coach, youth or high school this app will get your creative juices going and help you save precious time when teaching your players. This app features an extremely easy interface with all needed tools at your finger tips.

Code39 Code39 v3.0

Create and Print Code39 barcode labels in seconds.

Congés & Co Congés & Co v1.4.4

Congés & Co vous permet de gérer vos congés: acquisition, récaputilatif, création de nouveaux types de congé.

Contact Collector Ad Contact Collector Ad v2.0

This app is to serve some people who need an efficient way to collect very basic contact information from a lot of users in a given time span. Their contact information are NOT to be saved into the Contacts app.

Contacts in a list widget Contacts in a list widget v3.3

This is a simple widget that shows your phone contacts (all, favorites-starred or any other group, including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber contacts) as a scrollable list. You can call or send SMS to any of your contacts (or start a chat for messaging contacts).
To install the widget, select "Contacts in a list widget" from the available widgets list.
For more info see the help page in the application.

Copy Quick Copy Quick v1.0

A simple tool which allows you to copy pre-saved templates to the clipboard directly from the status bar without having to quit the current application!!!

Countdown Agenda Countdown Agenda v1.1.8.1

Track how many (D)ays, (H)ours and (M)inutes you have left till your scheduled events. Place the widget to the home screen and always have overview of upcoming events.

Country Music Radio Country Music Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite country music radio station everywhere!

Listen to Country Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best country music radio stations with you.


Craftword Craftword v1.0

Never forget or worry about any of your passwords ever again! Use Craftword as your everyday Password Manager.

CrazyRedial FREE CrazyRedial FREE v1.2.1

CrazyRedial helps you to redial someone automatically.

CrazySMS CrazySMS v1.0.0

CrazySMS helps you to automatic resend sms in specially designated frequency.

Creative Kickstart Lite Creative Kickstart Lite v1.0.1

Creative tool for writers and graphic artists to generate new ideas and gain access to outside-the-box thinking at the click of a button.

Creative Kickstart Pro Creative Kickstart Pro v1.0

Creative tool for writers and graphic artists to generate new ideas and gain access to outside-the-box thinking at the click of a button.

CruiseDroid CruiseDroid v1.0.2

Monitors the status of publicly accessible CruiseControl.NET servers.

* Features:
Multiple Servers
Project Status
Loading Dialogs
Force Build of Project
Single Project Details

* Future Features
Notification of Build Failure
Specific Project Monitoring
Background Monitoring

CryptoNote CryptoNote v2.02

Keep your notes safe with password protection and encryption

CSL Scissor Lift Inspection CSL Scissor Lift Inspection v1.0

CSL Scissor lift Inspection App is designed to assists Scissor-lift operators in completing their required daily inspections. This App allow users to view their past inspections and keep accurate records for future reference. A Simple and easy to use layout helps make this daily task much less tedious. Submit function is included for saving to SD card and for easy file transfer.

CustomSearch CustomSearch v2.0.2

One Engine To Search Them All!! This application allows you to make searches with almost any web page that allows you to search.

DaCalc DaCalc v1.2.2.0

Calculate formulas like, x*(2+3)-y/5.

After input the values of variables x and y, you can get the result of the formula by pressing =.

It is easy to calculate like tips, tax and etc.

You can create your own formulas by click menu->edit, then save it. menu->load to use

Daily Task Tracker Daily Task Tracker v1.12

This app allows the user to keep track of daily tasks that are important to them. Add each task and then throughout the day or at the end of the day check off the ones that were completed. The app provides an easy visual method for checking to see how the user is doing with their daily tasks. A percent of the time completed for each task is also shown automatically and the task status can be set to EXEMPT if it did not have to be done on a particular day.