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Happy Space Ninja Runner Happy Space Ninja Runner v1.0.11

Become a ninja in the space: run, jump and even fly!

Dream Up Dream Up v1.3

Help Moni and Piu to unleash their ultimate dreams!

Spooky Cats Spooky Cats v1.3

Oh noes!!! Our cute little kitty hero is lost in a zombie infested house! Platform game that has 19 levels with a boss at the end. Collect pennies as you go up against zombie cats, mummy mice, and more! Do you have what it takes??

Check out the new "endless" mode!

1945 Kai 1945 Kai v2.1.1

A fast-pace shooting game resembling 1942 / 1943 with power-up features in retro-style. How high the score can you get?

Kick the Chick Kick the Chick v1.8


Kick the Chick is a game for everyone who likes to Kick or Throw !
This game is all about the chickens who want to learn how to fly! but don't worry. this job is going to be done in farm and the farmer is watching out for the chicks.

Mosquito Punch Mosquito Punch v1.0

Smash noisy mosquito!

hanuman the ultimate game hanuman the ultimate game v1

In the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana Princess Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Princes Rama Asks search for Princess Sita...which take him to the Lanka...
- total 9 level
- 3 boss level
- Hidden special attack to defeat boss

Up2TheStars Up2TheStars v0.9.0.1

Up 2 The Stars. Aliens pursuit - is an action game for phone and tablets.
The game sees players in the role of Scrooge.

The main hero saw as aliens stole his bank and going for a pursuit for them on the balloon (aerostat).

Game mission:
Pickup more coins as possible what was scattered from the bank.

thunderclouds and missiles

bubble pop bubble pop v1.2

The best bubble popping game. Pop bubbles, climb the leaderboards, earn achievements, and become a bubble pop master !

Turtle Leap Turtle Leap v1.08

Guide the turtle in a car in this endless platfomer over different platforms in hand painted environments avoiding enemies to score the highest points. Collect powerups, update powers, unlock cars and achievements.

PixelStrip - Free PixelStrip - Free v23

Pixel Strip: Free Ad Supported Version.
Use your power of the rock, paper and scissors game to challenge beautiful woman to a stripping contest. Whoever loses, strips!

No sexual organs or 'parts below' are drawn in detail, yet if you are offended by very pixelated and cartoon nudity, don't download this game.

This game is ad supported. The ads are there to try and support me.

badkonak badkonak v1.0.12

badkonak is a cute and easy to play action arcade game
aim and shoot dart to balloons you must use the Technic to get triple stars and good score
you can buy full version direct from slide me from my

Traffic Crossing Traffic Crossing v1.0.15

Traffic Crossing is a fun game in which you have to help the people cross the road in heavy traffic.20 Challenging Levels,15 Unique cars of different speeds to avoid/hit,Different types of people with different walking speeds,Awesome graphics,Beautiful backgrounds,Awesome music and sound effects.

Lost Heroes Lost Heroes v1.05

Engaging puzzle platformer with adventure and arcade elements. Excellent 2D side-scroller for both casual and avid players in love with retro games with head-scratching puzzles and humorous dialogues voiced in a fun bable-talk.

Jungle Survival Jungle Survival v1.2

You have to cross the deadly jungle alive having a gun and some bullets in your belts.

Door Defense Free Door Defense Free v1.0.15

Door defense - bloody action arcade.

3D Zombie Ant Smasher Ball Free 3D Zombie Ant Smasher Ball Free v1.4

Roll the Killer Ball and smash the zombie ants

Zombie Hell Zombie Hell v17

Zombie Hell is a fun arcade game, where the player uses three different types of weapons to kill incoming Zombies and try and survive. Currently there are 5 types of zombies and 13 levels.

Space Run Galactica Space Run Galactica v1.2.1

pace Run Galactica is a very addicting action game. It features neverendless continuous gameplay with the goal of achieving the highest score possible.

Space Rush Cosmo Space Rush Cosmo v1.6

Space Rush Cosmo is a game which belongs to the action genre, but also has a touch of the speedy runner games.