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Asia Asia v1.0

Animals of Asia.
Discover Asian animals and their sounds in this fun application. Play 4 funny games.

Puzzles Puzzles v1.1.0

Learning with Little Julen: Puzzles Collection.
Enjoy playing puzzles of Little Julen adventures: “Means of Transportation” and “ Animals of Africa”. There are 36 concepts for kids to learn.
Configure your puzzle with an easy editor and discover more than 280 possible combinations of puzzles

Ciphers Ciphers v1.1

Practice math operations in this addicting highscores puzzle game that will improve your Math skills in an entertaining way! Submit your score to see who is the best!

Plus or minus? Plus or minus? v1

Plus or minus? is an original educational high scoring game that will improve your Math skills in an entertaining way!

Math Challenge Math Challenge v1.9

Improve your math skills while playing a simple math game.

Spell it right! Spell it right! v1.0.2

Improve your spelling with Spell It Right!

iCount iCount v5

How good are you in Math? Prove it in iCount!

Math Arithmetic Math Arithmetic v1.3

Practice your math arithmetic. Exercise your brain.

Animals of Africa Animals of Africa v1.4

4 kids games included!
Discover the animals of Africa with Little Julen exploring their habitats, behaviours and sounds in this amazing illustrated and animated app. Interact with them and read their cards with information, drawings and info.Complete the adventure with a evaluation trivial, jigsaw puzzle, sliding puzzle and memory game.

Brain Games Brain Games v1.2.0

Who has the biggest brain? Get your brain in shape with a bunch of cool teasers! It's simple, fast and relaxing - just hit play to start the game.

Brain Games 2 Brain Games 2 v1.2.2

Are you able to beat the newest high score? Test your brain skills on your mobile! It's simple, fast and relaxing - just hit play to start the game. Just Play: Brain Game 2 provides hours of entertainment and an amazing opportunity to show your brilliant mind in action. Practice makes it perfect!

Math Pop Math Pop v4.1

• Pop Balloons, get points, beat levels!
• Over 90 levels!
• Different each time you play!
• Beautiful art and relaxing music!
• Subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.

Math Break Math Break v1

Math Break is a new highscores Math game in which you can practice addition and multiplication in an entertaining and challenging way!

Prawda czy Ściema? Prawda czy Ściema? v2.31

Bakterie kałowe można znaleźć na szczoteczkach do zębów?
Ludzki język może przymarznąć do metalowego pręta?

Coins and Banknotes Coins and Banknotes v1.4

A bit of fun counting coins and banknotes.

Fly or Run Fly or Run v1.1

Can Chicken fly ??
Learn with fun and get ready to enter the world of animals and birds.

Mean Sumurai Mean Sumurai v1.2.3

A unique maths game for gifted kids and adults!
Are you a number splitter?

Toddlers Time Toddlers Time v1.0

The game toddlers love.

iziOddOne iziOddOne v1.0.3

This game is designed for 5-8 years old kids. In this funny game your kid has to guess which one of three or four items does not belong to the group.
This app includes more than 1700 unique questions designed by an AI.
As a result you can see his/her learning curve and intelligence hours via graphs.

Math Practice Test Math Practice Test v1.2.6

Math Practice test is for maths genius kids who want to excel in all maths exam.
Currently it has questions for grade K-5 but we are working on adding questions for higher level.
Note: The Database has 10000+ questions and is continuously updated.
This app will help children to practice maths questions in all mathematics area.
It will not only be fun bit will also increase their calculation speed.