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Fuel Buddy Fuel Buddy v3.1

Fuel Buddy, everything you need to track fuel consumption of your vehicles

Fun Torch 2.0 Fun Torch 2.0 v2.6

Transform your dark world into a bright and colorful place with Fun Torch!

Funky Expenses Funky Expenses v1.3.0

An expense tracker which can track multiple accounts in different currencies. Designed to be easy to use.

gbaHours gbaHours v1.4.2a

Time tracking for free-lancers that work on projects for several clients. It is easy to start and stop the tracking while you are at work and you can easily view the totals and change project or task names later. Totals and details can be sent by email to a desktop computer for billing. You download a free trial version limited to 50 entries. Paying $3.95 is part of the registration process and will remove this limit.

gbaMoney gbaMoney v1.6.4a

Expenses or income are quickly entered and assigned to classes, categories and subcategories. Monthly or yearly totals can be viewed and graphically compared, with budgets on class or category level. Currencies are converted. Split items can be defined for recurring transactions. You download a free trial version limited to 50 entries. Paying $4.15 is part of the registration process and will remove this limit.

Geoplanning Geoplanning v2.1

Pointeuse mobile

GestureShortcuts GestureShortcuts v1.0

Control your phone by drawing gestures.

GetSetResume GetSetResume v1.0

This is the official app for the website:

Gift Manage Ad Gift Manage Ad v2.0

Do you have a family tradition to give gifts to your relatives and friends for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year or birthdays etc?

Glowing Battery Widget Glowing Battery Widget v1.0.1

Beautiful Glowing Battery Widget

GO Job & Career GO Job & Career v3.0.3

Find jobs, while you're on the move.

With the new GO Job & Career app, you get access to more than 2.000 jobs, student jobs and internships, in just one click.
Graduate Online is Denmark's biggest careerportal for students and highly educated.

Goal Saver Goal Saver v1.0.32

Dreaming of relaxing on a tropical beach in Fiji or driving down main street in a beautiful new sports car?

Then start saving today and let 'Goal Saver' help you get there. v1.0 is your todo manager with flexible schedule. Unlike conventional calendar-like apps, doesn't make you set a deadline, and is suitable for things that do not have a clear time-frame. It's specially designed for your personal commitments, or promises you made to that special someone.

Got To Do Got To Do v1.4.1

Manage tasks and things to do, based on the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) Workflow

gPad gPad v1.0.5

gPad is a wireless touchpad, remote and keyboard for PC/Mac.

Create/share/download gPads for:
*Media players (Winamp/iTunes/VLC/…)
*Any of your ideas

Try the free client or buy it via PayPal, download server on pc ( and get started!

Grades2Go™ Mobile Grades2Go™ Mobile v2.0.1

Grades2Go Mobile for Android is a companion app for Grades2Go Desktop, the first data platform designed specifically for teachers. Full info is available at

Much more than a gradebook, Grades2Go has extensive commenting, journaling, PDF reporting, and automated communication capabilities. With teachers under pressure for more accountability and results, Grades2Go is an indispensable professional tool.

Graph Draw Ad Graph Draw Ad v1.0

This app does not aim to be a full-featured graph drawing app. What this app provides is a quick way to visualize your series of numeric data in a line chart. This is useful when sometimes you just want a graph representation of your numeric data like say your bets statistics etc. Able to save it as an image for viewing later etc.

Greeting Card Maker Greeting Card Maker v3.0

The Only app for creating awesome greetings. Create your own greetings for Christmas and other occasions and share with your friends via Facebook.

Grocery Ally Lite Grocery Ally Lite v2.3.0

Grocery Ally is your friend in managing and tracking your grocery purchases. Use it to plan your next shopping trip and monitor your purchased items with a simple yet intuitive interface.

gTasks gTasks v0.3.6s

First offline Tasks application that syncs with Google Tasks.