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Win With Widgets - Promote Your Android Apps In New Ways

Did you know you can easily promote your apps on websites, blogs, and forums using SlideME Widgets like the one below?

SlideME Widgets work a lot like ads, except they can provide more details than simply a purchase link. These widgets are designed to display relevant up-to-date info about your apps straight from the SlideME Market, such as the developer, price, or even your application icon. Using the provided HTML code, you can embed these widgets into nearly any internet medium that provides HTML capability. You could place them on your website, on a company blog, within internal or external forums, or even marketing emails. We provide a variety of Widget designs you can implement with little effort.

How do get your own SlideME Widgets?

  1. Visit your product page for the application you wish to promote on the SlideME website.
  2. On the right-hand side of the web page, click on the button "Promote your app now".
  3. Choose from the list of sample Widgets for your app. You can use as many kinds as you wish in any combination. They will appear just as they do on the sample Widgets page.
  4. Embed the sample code(s) provided into your website or other medium as HTML or an HTML snippet.

and when you set your own discounted rate or offer, the widgets will show the new discounted price.

It's that simple! Increasing your app visibility has never been easier.

If you develop Android Apps and looking for great distribution to a huge amounts of devices with no GMS (Android Market/Google Play), take a look at what other developers have to say.

More examples below:

More can be found from SlideME Logos & Banners

Pretty cool? We like them too and we also hope you like them enough to give your app a bit of a boost.